Today I’m linking up with my sister, Emily, who hosts a monthly-ish link up of quirky, interesting, simple and random things she learned.

Here’s what I learned this month in no particular order…


When I start reading about my own personality, I can hardly stop. I simultaneously believe that I have the worst and also best possible personality. Also, I might be a man. If you are wondering I’m Myers Briggs: INTJ and Enneagram:5. It’s a wonder I have any friends. It’s a wonder I can speak or write three words without offending someone. It’s a wonder I don’t live alone in a cave surrounded by books. I’m loving this series from Leigh Kramer: The Enneagram and Blogging (she has a link to the test if you don’t know what you are) and I’m very impatiently waiting for her to talk about 5s.


The name of the drug, Heroin? Is HEROIN. Like the word for a girl hero. I never realized that. I always thought it was some scientific name. Yes, I am an idiot.


I watched a show about Super Skyscrapers on PBS  and I thought the building was fake for the first few minutes. Also, there are two marble bathtubs in the world that were whittled out of big cubes of Carrara marble. I didn’t even know that this skyscraper was being built. It. Is. HUGE and looms right over Central Park. 

cheese tortillini soup

I could eat Edie’s Cheese Tortellini Soup every single day for lunch. Maybe dinner too. I think I’ve made it five times in the last month. I made it last night. It’s the kind of soup that you make one time and then you have it memorized. I made this soup for the first time before our Uganda trip and didn’t realize how much I liked it until I had to wait to eat it again until we got back. Make this soup today.

I made this bread!!!!! I made this!!! With just ingredients and my hands and oven!!!

With that soup? I need this bread. When I make this, I feel like I rule the world. Even if I get nothing else done and my entire day feels like a big huge waste, if I make bread, I feel like my day had purpose. I use the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking (I’ve been using this book for years and still love it).

What about you? What did you learn this month? You can leave your wisdom in the comments or write a post and link up with Emily.