going away party

Our dear friends, Karrie and Josh sold everything they owned, bought an RV and are on their way to a fresh, adventurous start. Our friend Maria asked me to help plan a going away party and we knew we wanted it to be three things, beautiful, delicious and simple.




blue urn with fall branches


Here’s the table, pre-food. I used only stuff I already had: branches with acorns and leaves attached, disco ball & feathers, a pumpkin and branches in a dough bowl, a pizza peel and some wooden trays and a little stool to hold plates that eventually held grilled cheeses and grapes and chips. Mason jars with votive candles and a cowhide rug for the table cloth.





I think I see my stove giving those griddles a dirty look. Also, Maria is the grilled cheese queen.


Maria and I each did the part that played to our strengths–she planned, did the invitations and shopped for the food. Gosh, she even cooked at my house before the party started and I don’t even have a kitchen! Chad and I hosted and to make things easier, we did it outside. Having a party outdoors is SO EASY, especially when it’s going to be at night. We focused on having pretty lighting, a huge fire and a couple of large statement pieces like my blue urns filled with fall branches I cut from around the farm.

We didn’t buy anything to decorate for the party, just used whatever we had or could find. A big metal tool box that we found on the property held ice and drinks, an old wheelbarrow held the wood to burn. We didn’t eat food that required forks. We didn’t have drinks that required glasses. I didn’t print out labels to tape over water bottles that said “goodbye Josh & Karrie”. There’s nothing wrong with labels but I had to remind myself that when time is limited, big statement decor is more important that lots of tiny time consuming details.

We were all able to tour the RV and hang out and relax by the fire while eating THREE different kinds of delicious gourmet grilled cheeses (Maria promised to come to my house once the kitchen is done so I can photograph her and she’ll give us the recipe here at the blog!)

DSC_8519 2

Phew, after cleaning out the bunch of junk under the covered overhang. Here’s the before. 


We’ll miss you Josh & Karrie!

It was such fun to host a stress-free, uncomplified party.

And do you know what today is? October 31, the last day of 31 days all across the web, the last day of my Uncomplified series and it’s also my SIX year blogging anniversary! Here’s my very first post.

Come back tomorrow for a HUGE giveaway day with one grand prize winner who will get over $1400 in lovely prizes! PS, a few of you asked about the Brick Mason’s Memorial flowers with the tools–here’s a photo.  Love you all so much!! xoxo!