Diagnosing a Funk


A few weeks ago I realized I was in a funk.

Which surprised me and made me feel a little guilty. I mean, we just bought a little house that I’ve been dreaming of for years. We get to redo a kitchen and I picked out pure white cabinets, we live in the country what is WRONG with me?!

Then I thought about it and there were some things I simply cannot do right now in my house. I can’t cook, which is something I always looked forward to at the end of my working day. I don’t have my own little office space yet and all of my glue guns and crafting supplies are packed away deep in a pile of boxes. I can’t stream Pandora or any online radio because we have a cap on our internet data now–that was part of my nightly ritual of going into the kitchen, turning on some music and cooking.

No wonder I was in a funk!

So I decided to to little things to help myself for the sake of me and my entire family.

1. I went and bought the ingredients to make a pot roast in my crock pot

2. I splurged and bought a new $2.99 glue gun. It killed me because I know I have no less than 3 glue guns and a bunch of glue sticks packed away in the barn somewhere. Oh and I bought glue sticks too!!!! This felt like a huge indulgence for me. I hated to buy something I already had but it gave me such freedom to be able to create a few things. Why do I make it so complimicated?!

3. I finally downloaded all of my music from that elusive cloud and allowed myself to actually purchase some music. I got Reeves new CD and remembered how enjoyable it is to listen to fresh, new music!


 A Gift For You Too

And my friend Reeve is giving away three signed copies of her new CD What Love is All About.

Um, y’all. Reeve’s voice. Like seriously, there are not words, remember when she sang at my house?

An Invitation


I’d love for you to join me and Chad and all of Reeve’s friends at Reeve’s CD Release party at The Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC. Show starts at 7:30pm (doors at 6:30) the first 25 people get a free handmade gift. Reeve and her “Band of Men” will play songs from the record as well as some new songs. She will be selling her new CD, t-shirts, stickers, and more…plus FREE FOOD! If you are local to Charlotte this will be a wonderful, inspiring night out. Even me, the most early bird, goes to bed at 8:45pm person in the world, loves staying up late to hear Reeve. You will not be disappointed. Purchase tickets here. Tickets also available at the door if not sold out.

release party!

Also, one lucky person will win two tickets to the cd release party along with a poster to enter to win the tickets simply click to tweet: Hoping to win tickets to see @ReeveMusic on November 1st from @thenester.

Preorder her new cd What Love is all About here.

To enter to win one of three signed copies of her CD, leave a comment here, good luck!

31 Days


  1. I’m a new fan. Thank you for sharing her beautiful voice. Thank you also for sharing how you were feeling. I too get into funks and feel guilty so I could relate. I would love an opportunity to win her CD. Thank you

  2. New music can be soooo refreshing. THANK YOU

  3. Listening and learning new music is refreshing to my soul!

  4. I have heard nothing but amazing things about Reeve– I would love to win this!! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I would love to win Reeve’s CD, I just listened to Nightowl again. I remember hearing her in your living room when you originally posted it. She is great, can’t wait to here the rest.

  6. Rebecca Park says

    I would love to win. She has a gorgeous voice.


  7. Sarah Fite says

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been in a funk too. The whole main floor except the kitchen is torn up & I work from home in all the mess & with both if us working full time, progress is slow but steady. It is a dream come true but I get in my “funk” too & just want to enjoy a normal night with the simple things again. (& have people over!)
    WOW! She has a beautiful voice. Her music is right up my alley. I’d love the chance to win. I think I need a new cd to brighten me up. Nothin’ like some soulful music does that!

  8. how lovely! Thanks so much for sharing – and isn’t amazing how hard it can be to spend just the little bit when we don’t “need” to, but then once it’s done, life gets so much happier? It’s such a hard balance for me right now.

  9. Amazing how music re-centers us. Reeve’s voice is beautiful! I’d love to get her album!

  10. Is it wrong that I was happy to hear someone else gets into a funk besides me? Thanks for sharing that AND for introducing me to Reeve’s music … such an amazingly beautiful voice :)

  11. wow! she’s got an amazing voice… and I love to find artists that I know I can harmonize with in the car or shower or kitchen or… whereever I happen to be singing… So yeah. New fan.

    I used to live in Asheville, and if I still did, I would TOTALLY be hoping for tickets to see her and the CD release party. But since I don’t, I’ll settle for hoping with crossed fingers to win the CD! :) Thanks for hosting!

  12. Reeves voice and music are beautiful! Thank you for sharing her music with us!

  13. What a beautiful voice!

  14. I love that being creative is something that you enjoy, whether its creating things in the kitchen or more traditional things. I thought you might like this talk (I pasted the url below) that mentions the importance of creating things. If you scroll down the heading “The work of creation” that is what your post reminded me of. Have a great Sunday and thanks for all of your great posts, they are a great remember to me about what is important. :-)


  15. Thank you for reassuring me once again, that I am not alone… especially in a FUNK!
    Loved the title, loved the content… you inspire us all!
    Appreciate the chance to win, new music is good for the soul!

  16. Such a beautiful voice! Hope I win!!

  17. Surely Reeve’s music is helping you find your way out of your funk. I {heart} her. Thanks for sharing! Man, I wish I lived nearby so I could go to her cd release…so fun! I’m loving watching the progress on your house. I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. It’s going to be so great!

  18. Melissa Sanders Mostiler says

    Would love to win the cd. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Her voice is amazing. I love this series you’re doing. Simplifying or uncomplifying is something I’ve really been working on, too.

  20. Love her voice (and spirit, based on how you speak of her!)

  21. I love the love you show your friends and family here on your blog. It warms my heart.

  22. Good for you recognizing your “funk”…I’ve been in one, too! And if a glue gun and music helps I say it’s $$ well spent!
    Reeve’s voice is so soothing…love that song!

  23. Def am feeling rhe funk relating to the house but feeling refreshed an excites about work opps! Funny how that works… anyways thx foe sharing. Saw reeve @influence and just poved her s we et spirit. Wid LOVE to win a copy of her cd! Thanks for the chance!

  24. I love discovering new music and I’d love to win. Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  25. Would love a cd!

  26. I can relate to the funk. I call it ‘Inspiration Overload’. Even when things are good, and moving forward, there is always more I want to happen NOW. :) I’m working on my patience. I saw Reeve’s youtube video posted over at Tiny Twig and was humbled. She has an amazing talent!

  27. What a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing the link to the youtube video.

  28. Fun! I love discovering new music :)

  29. Thank you Nester! I think I can benefit from your example of those three “little” things you did to lift your spirits, too. :) I’m a new fan of Reeve…what a fun giveaway!

  30. OMG What a voice! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  31. Music has a way of reaching into the depths of the soul like nothing else can. I closed my eyes and just listened. Her voice and words are very stirring. A night owl sees things in the dark places that others cannot. Thank you for sharing her precious gift with us and giving others the opportunity to win a piece of art…her heart.

  32. I am so bummed! We live in Northern VA, but will be in Charlotte November 7-10 for a wedding. If it was a week earlier, we could have made it!

  33. Thanks for opportunity to win her CD, sounds awesome! I’m glad you diagnosed your funk and treated it :)

  34. such a beautiful voice! Loved listening to her music during the sale last year! What a fun event at the neighborhood theater! I will try and make it! Would love a copy of the CD!!!

  35. She has a great voice. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. What a voice of an angel! Although I hope I win if I don’t I will definitely purchase one of her CDs. What great talent!!! Simply beautiful!

  37. I love cooking and cleaning the kitchen to music!

  38. The first time you posted the video of Reeve singing in your home, I got chills listening to her voice! It was so warm and humble~made me picture a campfire on a crisp, Fall night. Thank you for introducing her to all of us & for this great chance to win her CD! Even if I don’t win, I will be buying it to hear more of her blessing of a voice!!

  39. …Changes, even forward moving changes, can be hard…doing what you love, though not in the most perfect way moved you through your funk smoothly… Thank God for inexpensive glue guns and Reeve Coobs music..

  40. Love hearing new music! She sounds excellent

  41. i have never heard her music before! thanks for the chance to love a new artist!

  42. I love discovering new artists. Would be so excited to win one of her CDs.

  43. Thanks for this opportunity! I love changing music with new seasons.

  44. Jennifer Hayes says

    Oh thank you for sharing her with us. Her voice is just lovely.

  45. Jane Fowler says

    Lovely voice! Thanks for sharing!

  46. Wow she does have a great voice.
    thanks for sharing

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