This weekend Chad and I are talking about Blog and Marriage at the Allume Conference. I’ll try to get some notes up for you from our talk as soon as we are finished with them.

While I was thinking about it I realized that I never shared the notes from what I talked about last year: Blogging With Purpose.

Really, it’s about doing anything with purpose. I actually somehow deleted my presentation (more proof that I shouldn’t be allowed to use computers) but I did create a page with resources and my blogging purpose statements written out.

Whenever I find myself having a hard time making decisions about something I try to stop and create a purpose for what it is I’m doing. If you’ve never actually written a purpose statement for what you write about on your blog and also one for WHY you write a blog, you should try it, it really helps when it’s time to make all those pesky decisions.

I would even go as far as saying you could create a purpose statement for your home. Don’t know which sofa to buy? Look back over your home’s purpose statement and you might find your answer!

with purpose

Writing a purpose statement can feel dorky and complicated but ultimately, it makes your life uncomplified!

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