Four Letter Word



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  1. Centsational Girl says

    Amen sister! I’ve stopped using the phrase “i’m so busy” because I just hate the sound of it too. And consciously limiting our busyness is a recipe for sanity and serenity! The power of the word “no” has such positive effects, well said friend.

  2. I needed the reminder of that book.

  3. Ditto!!! Have you noticed how it feels when you invite someone to an event or ask for a favor and they tell you how busy they are? It doesn’t matter whether their answer is “yes” or “no” it just creates this “elephant.” And it makes me feel uncomfortable.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that busyness is like a shell some people hide in to feel valued or important.
    Living a purposeful/intentional life has become my goal. Do I hit it all the time? Absolutely not. But, saying “Yes” and “No” to things within that framework is better for everyone. And it helps create that margin we all need. Good stuff, friend!

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