Weekend Links

tub-680x1024Master Bath Makeover

Amazing & Colorful DIY Lighting

How to Avoid a People Hangover

 On Making Messes and Granting Space

DIY Plaster Lamp (click over to watch video)


How We Stopped Living (less than) Paycheck to Paycheck


And Also: Happy Flag Day Finland: This book? the perfect summer reading.


  1. I first saw those bathroom pics on Instagram and fell in love immediately. Its such a gorgeous makeover!

  2. You have the best links! Thank You!!!

  3. I love that line: People hangover. Totally had that after Memorial Day weekend. That’s what I’m calling it from now on! Love it!

  4. Lovely!

  5. I can so relate to the people hangover! And Kara’s story about escaping debt is so inspiring–I’ve loved following along with her journey.

    Thanks so much for the mention! Honored to be included here. :)

  6. Love your stuff! So beautiful!! I have just begun my adventures in home decor and have recently begun re-doing old, rustic, fabulous flea market finds. I love bringing them back to life with new and vibrant colors! Here’s some of my stuff! Just thought I’d share to spread some inspiration!


  7. Hey, Nester! How is the no accessory experiment going with you? I am actually enjoying it immensely, but I still have these weird twinges to fill in the holes I see (especially on bookshelves which mostly hold books at our house). It’s kind of like my house is a big two storey hotel suite. (Too bad it doesn’t come with a maid!)

  8. Hello! Your master bath makeover really caught my eye! Please tell me about the wall hanging. Is it an African juju? I’ve been looking for one but they’re too expensive. Please tell me your thoughts. Thank you, Joan Carr

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