Remember how I told you that there was no perfect month for me to ever do my 30 Days Without Home Accessories Experiment? I couldn’t have been more right. Instead of enjoying a house in the midst of exhaling I’ve had my head buried in my computer for the last 10 days working on edits for that book I told you about. So I feel like I’m not getting to fully experience our home destuffified.

But, having this extra workload has also let me appreciate the experiment in a different way. It’s been a week of piles of dishes, thrown together dinners and ignoring laundry. And? My house doesn’t look all that bad. It almost looks good. The cleared off surfaces are working their magic. Sure, they hold lists and clip boards and hats my boys just removed from their sweaty heads, but that’s it. And it’s been easy to clean up and looking around my house has been a really pleasant experience.


Here are the perks I’ve noticed in the midst of me hardly having time to notice ANYTHING:

  • my house feels bigger
  • my house feels cleaner
  • it seems more grown up
  • I can see my furniture better, and I like most of it, yippie!
  • I can see my white slipcovered sofa better, and it needs a new slipcover, sadness
  • I miss my pillows

I thought my house would look really different. It looks about 10% different without accessories which surprises me.  Also, my friend Maria came over the other day and she’s been here a million times, like once a week, and as soon as she came in she said my house looked great. I told her it was because I just mopped. But really I think it was because it was open and cleared out without accessories.

More thoughts to come, with photos, if the sun ever comes back out!

Your turn, I’d love to hear your thoughts if you are doing this challenge, it’s been 11 days, how’s it going?