gallery wall in progress

I’m creating a gallery wall in our upstairs family room/homeschool room, dogs room? I started about a month ago and keep forgetting how much time it takes for a gallery wall to evolve. Because it’s still not done.

A few months ago we moved the leather sofa upstairs, along with our TV. I got a big rug and now everyone in the house who is male, including the dog, has a new favorite room.

The two largest walls in the room are knee walls, with a really low slanting ceiling because technically, this is the bonus room over our garage. So there’s really no place to hang anything but on the two short ends, the other short end is a big window so it seemed right to work a gallery wall into this end.

how to make a gallery wall

We’ve got denim and leather, black velvet drapes and a black and white patterned rug. I figured I’d let the pillows and stacks of books be the color in the room. So when it came to the gallery wall I started collecting items that were black and white and wood.

Once I shopped the house for a few weeks I knew I was missing the most important items. All I had were a bunch of supporting frames and such but I needed the main characters.

how to make a gallery wall

I pained the back of the deer antler mount black and ordered the two other starring roles from two friends. The Deer Canvas from the talented Lindsay Letters (free shipping with code NESTSHIP through the month of April!) and….an enlarged photo of Topiwo and his home from Unitprints. All items were added to my mental roll of my favorite things. It’s getting quite long.

lindsay letters deer canvas

gallery wrapped canvas

I ordered Topiwo’s canvas through UnitPrints because even though I don’t know the owner, I feel like I do. Dee, from Red Letter Words has been a friend for YEARS. We’ve met from time to time over the years, spent some time in Arkansas together last year, and her family sends our family Christmas cards. My husband even recognizes her. Dee created one of the most cherished pieces of art in our house, the street sign canvas. And it was two years after I had it before I realized that all her canvases at Red Letter Words are printed up by her husband’s company, UnitPrints.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 7.27.23 AMstreet sign canvas

Dee’s husband Tim told me he’d print up something for me so I could see if I liked it so I went in and uploaded a favorite photo of Topiwo, the 15-year-old Tanzanian young man our family sponsors through Compassion International that I got to meet at his HOUSE last year, please read this if you never have! Anyway, I got to preview it before I committed and I even choose to have the “stretched” option to make the most of the photo on the front of the canvas.


I liked the results so much that I emailed Tim on Monday to see if he’d want to offer a discount code with this post so if you are in the market for a gallery wall completing gallery wrapped canvas, you can order one through Thursday at midnight for 50% off with code NEST50 .


photo: Jenny Anderson

It’s 50% off!

More updates to come on this wall, but I’ve finally figured out it’s more fun to share the progress. If you order a canvas, send me a picture of it when you receive your order, I’d love to see what you do with it. Next on my gallery wall to do list–put something special in that shadow box thing, and find an instagram print for the square photo frame that still has the generic photo and price tag on the front.

to be continued…