I’ve rarely wished I had more walls.  Normally I wish I had LESS walls.  Because wall decor is hard. Figuring out what to put on our walls has been a journey. A journey with much indecision and filling in of nail holes.  I have a little aversion to mass-produced “art”.  Although I do have some that I love and no you cannot have it.

I think these Jones Designs prints are the only mass-produced art I have (besides my son’s Napoleon Dynamite poster but that’s its own special kind of art too).  And I love them. Because they are meaningful and beautiful.  Isn’t that what our homes are supposed to be full of?  Meaningful beauty? If you love your mass-produced art that’s great!  But if you are waiting for that something-that-you-don’t-know-what-it-is to jump-start you?

I might have found an answer.

Here’s what Ashley from The Handmade Home has to say about her wall art journey.

Yes? Yes. Yes!

I have SO experienced that. I love to create, appreciate beauty, have pin boards full of gallery walls and wall treatments that I think are amazing. But how to I bridge that gap from dreaming about my walls and the beauty and meaning I hope they’ll have, to actually creating something I’ll love? And then putting that on my walls?  It can be overwhelming.

I’m usually drawn to more personal, sometimes quirky, always beautiful often times handmade art for our walls.  Sometimes I annoy myself, because being drawn to things like that makes it a lot more difficult.  Fun, but you must have a little more patience and willingness to try something.  Half the battle is just figuring out what to try.

Ashley can help us.

Ashley and her husband, Jamin have learned the art of creating beautiful, meaningful, custom wall art for their home the old-fashioned way.  By doing it wrong, doing it right, and ending up with a house full of walls that make us gasp.  It was the walls that first drew me to Ashley.  I stumbled on her blog two years ago and within hours was begging her to write guest post for Nesting Place.  I have a guest post here about twice a year so clearly, I was in love.  So, anyway, Ashley and Jamin wrote an ebook…

This Handmade Walls ebook is the most beautifully, artfully, attention to detaily designed ebook I’ve ever seen.  And it has really great projects made from wood, and plexiglass and things of that nature. And they wrote it with all sorts of helpful instructions and tips.  I’ve read it, my husband has read it, and um….we are both excited about doing our first project.  I didn’t even have to beg or anything, he just got excited about it after reading the ebook!  It’s like magic!

If  you are intrigued, click here to visit The Handmade Home and find out more about this book. 

It’s $10, for 250 beautifully designed pages that if you ever have written an ebook will make you wish you had designed it better, 22 projects that average about $35 to make and look like they cost $129.  I came up with that number after being at a local shop this weekend and seeing a VERY similar frame for sale. For that amount. Why yes I did take a picture and show it to my husband.  Why no I cannot show it here because I have an irrational fear that the shop owner somehow reads my blog and will ban me from the store if I show the picture.  I don’t want to be banned from the store.  But if you see me in person I have the picture on my phone and I’ll show you in seclusion.

If you decide to get the ebook, and make a project or 12, email me pictures?  Because this ebook has me really excited!  I think it’s gonna help us take little risks and do great things in our home.  I think it can help us create the home we’ve always wanted.  I know, big promises. But that’s how motivating this ebook has been for me.

Here’s what one two of the pages look like.

And just for fun, I grabbed a few photos of Ashley’s house so you could see how talented she is.  Some of these projects are in the book, lots of the projects in the book are things I’ve never even seen in her home~NEW ideas!!

(you learn how to make those frames!!)

It’s one thing to write an ebook about having great, handmade wall art.

It’s another thing to actually live it.  And I think those pictures prove that this girl knows her stuff.

By the way, I like this book so much I even wrote the foreword.

This? Is inspiration, motivation and know how all rolled up into one pretty package.

Handmade Walls EBook

Click on the button above or click here to visit The Handmade Home and get your copy.

If you did get a copy, let me know what project you are gonna try first.  My husband and I are starting with Iris (Ashley names all her projects, just like she names all her furniture).  We’ll keep you updated and let you know how it turns out.

And you know what, after reading this ebook, I really did wish I had more walls.



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