Celebrate the Imperfect


My copper twins are in major need of a fresh coat of paint. I’d like to do glossy white but I keep forgetting to buy the paint so they sit. And the reality is I’d rather make a batch of bread today than paint chairs.   They do their job and they still look 90% as good as they will once I repaint them.  One of these days.    But the fact that they are getting worn makes me secretly happy.  Because if they looked like they did the day I took a risk and bought them that would probably mean that we aren’t really using them.  And the only thing worse than a used up piece of furniture is an unused piece of furniture.  So I am glad they work well for our family.  And the chipped paint kind of gives them character.

I have to remind myself to do that.  To welcome the imperfect at times.  To not apologize for the undone and the mistakes and for those forgotten threads at the bottom of the slipcover.

There is a time and place for perfect.  Heart surgery, taxes, flying a plane, wiring a chandelier, brushing your teeth all should be done with perfection in mind.  The hard part is knowing when to draw the line on perfection and roll your eyes at her persnickety self and tell her enough already.

It’s time we had a It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful Celebration.  It’s so easy to make assumptions when we see a pretty room. We assume everything came together as planned. We assume the creator of the room had no problems, no setbacks, no gnashing of teeth trying to figure out Plan C.  And like we talked about for an entire month back in October, sometimes it’s those setbacks and imperfections and limitations that make something all the more spectacular.

Join me Monday, February 20th and link up to something, anything imperfect that you are ready to embrace.  It can be a link to a blog post, a photo, a tweet, an instagram picture–feel free to use the hashtag #idhtbptbb

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful

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  1. Love this concept and post! Perfectionism is overrated and it’s so easy to look at another persons life, stuff etc and assume they have it ALL together. Not true. :)

  2. LOVE this idea!!! You are a wonderful encouragement. :)

  3. You’re so right.
    My kids laugh at my “blog photo sessions”. You know, where the pile-of-unpretty-stuff gets moved out of the frame, the photo is taken, then the pile is moved BACK?
    Now when they clean their rooms, I have to ask, “Is it blog clean, or REALLY clean?”
    Not apologizing for falling short (of perfection)is the hard part. Pride takes a beating, as it well should!
    Thanks for the reminders. :)

  4. Is it okay to just post a photo of myself? LOL! ;-)
    Seriously though, I’m super excited about this celebration- and boy have I got a bunch of projects/rooms to share with you on Monday! :-D

  5. Well said…never thought of it like you have explained here. So glad I took the time at my computer this morning for your inspiration!

  6. I am so glad that it is ok to be perfectly imperfect because I certainly fit the senerio. I have things that are that way, too. Good for thought.—— Shannon

  7. I love this idea for a party! Trying to be ok with imperfect is something I struggle with, and the thought of sharing the huge glaring project fails is scary, but exciting at the same time. Looking forward to Monday.

  8. WELL…I have LOTS of ideas for this…every project I’ve done lately has been less than perfect, but you know what? DOESN’T MATTER! I don’t think people are going to come into my home with a magnifying glass looking for mistakes in my latest paint job. I know they’re there, and I’m okay with it. I think I’ve fully embraced the mantra, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” that you always remind your readers of. It’s a smart saying, and it’s been quite liberating for me! In fact, I have an idea for some window treatments that are going to be slapped together with some hot glue and old fabric that I am not even going to sew!

    Can’t wait to share…

  9. So funny. I just finished my office makeover and I was amazed by all the little things that I planned but then went wrong, or was out of stock, or I decided against. I even wrote a post about it, because we really do need to be flexible when decorating, and I think people just assume that the design in the final completed project, was the plan a, when it wasn’t.

    I’d love for you to check it out if you have a minute : )


    Have a fabulous day!

  10. Confession: I’ve quoted you so many times that now when I’m complaining that I wish something were better, prettier, nicer, etc., my husband says, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Yes, Mr. SCC quotes your wisdom :) I’m so glad you’re not only embracing the imperfections – you’re celebrating them. Can’t wait to join you!


  11. I have been struggling with this a lot since I started reading blogs and trying to recreate the things I find on them. I have so much fun doing crafts and get so excited about them, only to often be SO disappointed when things go wrong. I then think back to the tutorial I read and how perfect theirs turned out. It took me a while to realize that they might have taken two or three times to get it just right as well!! I’m trying to embrace this concept. I will DEFINITELY link up on Monday. I have the perfect thing in mind already! Can’t wait!

  12. So very true! I constantly have to remind myself that its all a process. We just bought a fixer-upper 5 months ago and the ugly white walls have been driving me crazy! I’m doing the best I can with what I have for now until we can afford to slap a coat of paint on the walls and really go to town with the design of the place.

    So thank you very much for the encouraging work :)

  13. Hi!
    The “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” is a powerful mantra for me!
    It’s also a constant, gentle reminder that life isn’t always perfect and it’s all gonna be a-okay.
    Also, I have been dying to know where you have purchased that lovely throw in your photos! I have spied it on your bed, on your sofa, around the house…. It’s so lovely! It reminds me of a few throws I saw at Pier1. Please, do tell! : )

  14. I just bought Plaster of Paris to make my own chalkpaint, I’ll probably be posting about that, I hear it hard to get all the lumps out of it but I’ll ask Mr.K to help. We will see how that goes.LOL
    Thanks for having this party, you are the best!

  15. I have always hated to see furniture “unused!” Not so much today, but maybe in our grandparents and great grandparents time, they used to have a formal living room, just for company. They rarely used it. I also don’t get plastic covers on furniture.
    The items I love have character and are imperfect, especially some furniture items.
    Sometimes its a particular item of clothing. Talked with my mother (86) last night who was delighted to have her favorite rug cut and rebound. We talked about how things used to last, and were made to last. Thanks for the imperfect, wonderful post!

  16. Boy can i relate to this. I’m forever in a day looking at all the beautiful things blog land has to bring us. I try my best to make my house look beautiful, comfortable and current. However, I feel like I’m never living up to what I truly would like to see. However, I just returned home from a week long vacation (w/out the hubs) and when I walked into my house for some reason everything looked different to me. I think it was just the fact that I was gone and not seeing everything everyday. And when I saw it I thought, hmmmmmm…my house doesn’t look as bad I thought it did. I actually liked it. Of course it helped that the hubs had it clean and no junk thrown all over. So, while the vacation was just what I needed apparently returning home to my comfy home was just what I needed as well. Not to say that I’m not going to keep tweeking but maybe I’ll just look at things a little diffrently from now on.

  17. You know what was so imperfect last night but also brought a great big smile to my face – our cat, Peace, sitting atop a huge pile of laundry so he could stare out the the window. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Maybe I’ll catch him in the act this weekend, but that would mean I’ll have to hold off on laundry….I think I’m okay with that. I think this can also tie in with your sister’s post today about the “shoulds” of life that hold us back from our true purpose.

  18. This is totally up my alley. With three kids running around, my house is definitely never perfect. I have so many projects in my house that are either in progress or “good enough for now.”

  19. Hi Nester! I almost never comment (I don’t know why!)- but I always follow your posts, and I just want you to know how much you have ministered to me! I now am proud of my holes in my walls, my empty vase that I took a chance on at Target, and my chalkboard fridge that looks great! Perfectionism paralyzes me, and I have (very) slowly been able to take chances that in most cases have turned out great! I am also reading your dad’s book on hope, and I think a first chance for me was realizing that even if I take the “wrong” road, I will still learn something.. and sometimes God has us go down that road because “sometimes the most important preparations for the ultimate destination are made in preparing for something else.”
    THANK YOU for being so vulnerable with your heart and beautiful home!

  20. I LOVE this post and your mantra. It is perfect not only for homes, but for life!! My life is NOT perfect, but it sure is beautiful. (Same with my kids. They are beautiful, but not perfect! Ha!!) Thanks for this post to remind me of that truth! Looking forward to next Monday!

  21. I usually do comment that I just love your blog – it’s my favorite!! Anyone who believes that things have to be perfect to be beautiful will surely have a lot of trouble living in this world!!
    Thanks for reminders!! ***Also, can you tell me the name of the book your dad wrote on hope – sounds good and I’d love to read it!!

  22. i’m thinking of getting some sweatpants made w/ idhtbptbb across the bum. ;)

    just love that motto.
    living in a rental i often hear that little phrase going over in my head.
    thanks for the reminder. i need it – and often.

  23. So, I pretty much LERVE the chairs in their current chipped paint form. I would go ahead and leave them. If they were mine. Which I really wish I could find some like that. For me. :)

  24. I love our bed frame. Lots of imperfections…just like us.

  25. Hi yo Nester! It’s called “patina” y’all and some folks pay big bucks for it:) When my son would get holes in his jeans I would count to 10 and remember that his cousin was in a wheelchair and would NEVER get holes in his jeans. Made me damn happy to see those old holes.

  26. I love that philosophy and have imperfect things all over my house. It’s a great way of looking at many things in your life.

    Butttt, sometimes it’s good to wait for the perfect thing, sometimes maybe? Like, I just “did” a nursery for my little girl born a few months ago. I had so much fun. However, I never found anything for her windows. I just left up the normal white roman shades that were in there. I was at a fabric sale looking for fabric to make throw pillows and I found this awesome bold pattern that was perfect for her room and gave me the wild punch that I wanted for her windows. My friends at the sale with me told me it was perfect and I should do it. I’m so glad that I waited and didn’t spend that money I saved for it on something that wasn’t perfect.

    I would love to hear more of your point of view of when it’s ok to wait for perfect.

  27. I have two boys under 5 in a teeny 2 bedroom home. My whole life defines your slogan.

  28. As others have said, perfection = paralysis. I can’t tell you how many undone projects I have, simply because doing them perfectly just seems so overwhelming. How dumb is that?! Sometime I just give myself permission to “cheat,” just to move forward and the final project comes out just fine, if not perfect. Another good slogan is, “Just do it!”

  29. This made me think-I have a sprayed glossy white chair in my office…and it was badly chipped…I’d spayed it several times…so I decided to embrace the chipping…I grabbed some sandpaper and hauled said chair out to the yard and sanded away and gave her a beautiful distressed look…embrace the chipping! :)

  30. it is true, furniture that are not “perfect” give an old but comfortable feel to it….once i even repainted my chair frame with different shades so as to give it an old feel…..

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