Y’all it was wonderful.  If you’ve been hiding/living/digging/making crafts under a rock and somehow missed my nonstop talking and obsessing, the short version is my baby sister wrote a book Grace for the Good Girl and Mom and  I threw her a big party and invited everyone to come celebrate.  And they did and we did.

This post is gonna be all photos, most of them from my sister’s camera because I do two things at a party without fail: sweat and forget to take pictures.  So get your fingernail clippers and Depends ready because you are gonna be here awhile.   Tomorrow, I’m hosting a giveaway of something I’ve wanted to have for years and finally FINALLY got my hands on some, Wednesday we are going to be discussing 31 days and Thursday, I’ll tell you anything you want to know about the bookish decor.

I stole this photo from Angela

he’s totally asleep

Thanks to the men for putting up with us and saying kind things like “the table looks pretty” and “what a fun party” even though they were the only men there.

my husband looks so mean in this picture.  he is not mean.

And thanks to Melissa from Events by Design–a friend of Emily’s and mine who offered to help and didn’t mind cupping her hands and making announcements to a crowd {I vow to never do that, it’s not in my genetic make up} she also brought some pretty book page decor that I’ll tell you more about on Thursday.  Melissa was the eyes and ears of the party, it makes it easier on the hostess to have someone like her around, she restocked books and food and came early to help set up.

And look at our adorable our front desk welcome committee.  She has the perfect personality to greet everyone and make them feel at home.

And Mom worked her little tail off baking cupcakes, scrubbing my house and toting me around when I had a flat tire.

Oh yeah, and BIG thanks to Emily who wrote the book that is changing lives. Grace for the Good Girl.  It could have an alternate title of Grace for the Girl Who Thinks the Goal is to be Good.  Or Grace for the Girl who Wishes She Were Good.  Or Grace for the Bad Girl Who Feels Guilty.  Or simply Grace for the Girl because really it applies to all of us, even people like me who don’t nesssicarily categorize ourselves as good girl.  Or Grace for People because really, even men are reading it.

Read all the reviews here and then go change your Depends and clip your fingernails.  Big Huge Amazing, Mouthwatering Life Altering Giveaway coming tomorrow.


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