I cannot wait to see your loved on, lived in, perfectly imperfect dressed for the season in the way that suits your family right now HOME.  This is such a fun time to be inspired and encouraged in the way that we all choose to decorate or celebrate Christmas.  I hope each person comes away seeing the purpose and intention in how they dressed their home for the season, from the most simple to the over the top~there is no wrong.  Setting the stage in our homes for us to celebrate Christmas with our families and in our hearts is no useless thing, I hope the effort you made works to bring your family closer and creates an atmosphere of rest and safety and belonging.  May no one feel discouraged, compared or less than because this is a time of celebration of the greatest gift.

So, for tomorrow, there are a few things that will make it run smoothly…


1. Only one link per person.

There are so many amazing Christmas linkies right now, I’ve joined many of them and I hope you have too–this actually makes our job easier when it comes to linking up for the tour because all you need to do is write one final post and grab photos and link to each of your own posts where you talked about your mantle, tree, stairs, porch, craft, vignette, recipe, what-have-you.    If this is the only linky party you are joining, then no worries.  And of course you can make your post as long or short as you want.  Only one link up tomorrow per person though, from there, it’s up to you to introduce people to whatever Christmas posts you’d like.

2. Link up to the Permalink

Each blog post has a specific address.  My blog address is thenetser.com but, if you click on the title of this post, you see the URL get even longer as it changes to https://thenester.com/2011/12/25730.html . That’s the link directly to THIS blog post.  You should link to the specific blog post so that in a week or month or year, if someone clicks on your permalink for this party, they are taken directly to your Christmas Tour.

3. Party Watch

There are a few reasons a link could be deleted like, if you only link to your blog’s main page, not the permalink, if you link up multiple times, if your link seems like an advertisement, and other things that I deem deletable that rarely happen.

 ~keep your eyes open at facebook or twitter, once I know when the party will go live, I’ll let you know {gotta take my pictures first!} it could be as early as this evening–a nod to our west coast friends this year

special thanks once again to BooMama for gifting me with this Christmas Tour of  Homes that she started years ago–it was the first linky party I ever joined just one month after starting Nesting Place {four years ago} and it’s been such an honor to host it for the past few years and I look forward to many years in the future