I’ve Got Twins!

Seriously, you knew this was going to be about furniture, right?

Welcome the newest edition to the Nest family: a pair of copper velvet chairs from the Salvation Army.

Here’s what they looked like before I painted the wood.  Kind of like something from a doctor’s office waiting room.  I was so close to not purchasing these.  First of all, EVERYTHING looks much uglier in the thrift store.  It’s just a fact of life.  Second of all, the color was pukeyish.  Third of all, I wasn’t sure I could use them~I had an idea of where I wanted them to go but, normally I like to measure and think furniture over but you simply cannot do that for something like this that can be gone in an hour.  Forth of all, they were $40 each which is a lot if you aren’t positive they can work.

I kept sitting on them and turning them around and texting photos to Angela. The store employees all know me and they kept offering me discounts and one finally was sick of me and my indecision and he said if I bought them both I’d get 25% off even though they’ve only been there a few days because they currently had so much furniture they didn’t have much room for everything.  Yay for overcrowding!  Sold.

So I put them in the car and drove straight to my favorite furniture upholstery shop {High Point Upholstery in Cornelius NC if you are wondering}.  Kim quoted me $100 for labor for each chair.  Plus, Angela is taking a reupholstery class and I had a feeling I could pay her to cover them if she had the time. It’s so nice having talented friends.

However, once I slapped on some white paint something magical started to happen.  That rusty orange turned into a muted copper.  Oh, could it BE?  Would these chairs possibly work without being recovered?!  Had I hit the thrifty jackpot?!

As soon as I set them on our family room rug, POW! That color popped out of the rug.  And my wood floors turned from feeling like they had a pinkish hue, to a copper hue.

It’s really hard to tell the subtleties in a photo but when I put the chairs in the breakfast area, the floors went from bothersome pink to muted copper and rust.  Just trust me on this ok?  Yellow makes these floors turn pink but this glorious color tones them down.   Was this color the missing link in our family room?

So far I’ve tried these chairs in every possible scenario. With pillows.

Without pillows.

I like them everywhere.  But then I started wondering if maybe I was just blinded by excitement.  I mean, does this copper really work with my muddy turquoise?

Then I saw this in the June issue of House Beautiful.  It’s a paint palette taken straight from God’s handiwork.  He’s pretty good a putting colors together.  Polished Aqua and Copper penny convinced me that I didn’t suffer from temporary IFoundAGreatDealSoI’mBlindedToReality-itus.

Eventually, I think the chairs will go here in front of the window with a little table in between.  I’ve noticed the boys are using the homework table less and less.  For now the chairs are parked at the table.  I might wait until fall to see where the boys end up doing their work before I make some changes. Or I might change it today just to see.

But this week, I tempted the hand of fate, pulled down the lever of unknown risk to the tune of $70 and hit the jackpot.  Next week I might not be as lucky but, the best part about this kind of risk is that it’s not all luck, you get to learn from each decision, good or bad.



  1. I think these chairs are beautiful! I love the white paint job. They do really pop. I wish I could pull stuff off like this. You are amazing.

  2. LOVE! I have a similar color palette in my living room (blues/tans) and I always end up draw to something in the orange family. I love rust and baby blue together.

  3. Gorgeous. My grandmother had chairs like these and I always loved them. They even had orange upholstery! Unfortunately, I lived too far away to bid on them when she packed up her home to move to an apartment (and decorated all in pink and white. Go Grandma!)

    Now see, I would never have painted the wood though–and I would have missed out on a fabulous “new” up-to date look! Way to go. I love your excitement. (And teal and orange are an “awe”some combination, for sure.)

  4. Stunning chairs! I actually love that color – recently recovered a footstool in a similar fabric (http://mybirdonawireblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/retro-recover.html). You find such good deals and are so inspiring – love your blog!

  5. Love your chairs!! Very pretty!!

  6. Love the chairs! I actually liked the color before you painted them, but they look great afterward too!

  7. Love the way these chairs look in your family room. It’s amazing how different they look wit h the white paint! Great find!

  8. CONGRATS on the twins! They are GORGEOUS!!

  9. Gorgeous! The difference the white legs make is amazing! You inspire me to keep hunting for gold (or copper; ) at my Goodwill store.

  10. I like it. The perfect place for a friend to sit and chat! 2 are always better than 1!

  11. I had those exact colors in my first house in 2007. I posted some pics of it on my blog for you to see! I still love the combination!

  12. Wow, those look fabulous. I would have never even 2nd glanced at those in a thrift store. Fabulous color combination.

    So, one question….
    My biggest fear is the “ick factor ” when purchasing sitting furniture such as a sofa or chair. How do you clean it?

  13. Amazing transformation; the perfect addition to your family room. Awesome.

  14. They turned out beautiful! What a great find. It feels so good when you strike “Salvation Army” gold!!

  15. I think those chairs work beautifully in your home:) You did a great painting job too!

    Great find:)


  16. Nester, you scored big time on those copper chairs! I love what they do to your rug…wow! If you’d have had a particular color in mind to complement that rug, you’d have NEVER found these!
    Serendipitous, huh?

  17. what made me smile…as I scrolled down, is the first pic of your “bird watching” by Rashon Carraway has “rusty” pillows with the muted shade of turquoise lamps. It was be meant to be. well done~ ;)

  18. I love them! You inspire me to take the plunges at the thrift stores that I hem and haw over :)

  19. Wow, LOVE them! Will you go thrift store shopping for me?

  20. SO GREAT! It’s like they were meant for your house! Great great find!!
    I added a pop of unexpected color over at my house lately too! Very fun.

  21. Andrea in WI says

    Did you sand the legs before you painted them white? I get lazy and I don’t know if I would want to.

  22. bada-bing.bada-boom.

    i was just thinking of an orange/aqua combo for a nursery. It’s so not me. I’m white and muted all the way. But, i’ve been feeling so WILD lately. This post might be a sign for me to sauce.it.up.

  23. You DEFINITELY hit the Thrifty Jackpot!
    I really like the color — A LOT.
    Wish they were my twins.

  24. Lovety love love love! What a deal and what great colors. Of course, I’m partial to them myself. Boy, I have to visit Salvation Army more often. LOL.

  25. Nice work and what a deal – the chairs look great!

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Just got a chair that color (my favorite) from Craigslist!

  27. This is my winter living room color combo. I love the combo so much that I’ve been buying up Christmas ornaments/decor in the same colorway. I also recently found a gloriously soft rug at an auction that marries the colors wonderfully as well.

  28. I love oranges and rust colors. And yes, it goes with blue silly. Orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel and seen lots in nature. :) LOVE them.

  29. Love those chairs! What a difference the white paint made! I, personally, think they look best in front of the window, but I’d have to see the whole room to get the full effect.

  30. It’s amazing what you can find at the Salvation Army…and how your creativity can turn something that initially looks ugly into a beautiful space.

  31. I love the addition of rust to the palette! I found out something similar when contemplating re-upholstering my outdoor patio set!



  32. Ooh, lovely! Great coppery colour!
    I must admit that I find the white too stark except when they are right next to your white furniture. (I would have limed them, but that’s probably more in keeping with my palette than yours).

  33. OK, this is a GREAT blog post! Thank you for sharing so much detail!

  34. This is the most. The Twins look just right in the room and the insect explanation is perfect – use the science to serve the art lesson in colors – that’s my kind of science! Now I’m going to hang the brown curtains that will snap my blu-ish room together and add a splash of copper. Thank you!

  35. Love the rust color with the white on the chairs. You are right – those chairs look great everywhere! I love hitting the thrifty jackpot – kudos to you on your find!

  36. I have a question… where did you get your curtains in the background of these photos? (the striped ones)
    Love them!

  37. you inspire me every time! love the color palatte!

  38. Jennifer says

    I know this may be a crazy question – but do you have a “favorite” color white? I just brought home like a hundred different white color cards to decide which to use to paint over the ugly paneling. How could I have that many samples of WHITE! :) So, I’m wondering if you’ve found a specific one you like. Thanks!

  39. Michelle Ventling says

    Where did you find the horizontal strip curtains…I see them in alot of pictures but can not find them …to buy anywhere?

  40. They are GREAT and are especially perfect with your rug!!! Wow, what a blessing to find them! I love when that happens….

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