I had the pleasure of sitting next to Rashon Carraway at a local Goodwill luncheon the other day. He’s Mr. Goodwill Hunting in blogland and has a refreshing style and knows his way around a thrift shop.  That’s his living room above.  He’s so talented that Nate Berkus keeps calling him to do makeovers.  And you won’t believe what Rashon can do with a measly $300



This dresser island has been floating around Pinterest.  I’ve yet to find the original source.  But GENIUS!

I can’t get this cluster of paper lanterns out of my head.

Or this cluster from  Genifer Goodman Sohr‘s home featured in Undecorate.


If this light

And this light got married and had a baby….


It would be this $10 Moooi Random Hacked version @ Remodelholic. {we are a family blog, notice how I made sure the lights were committed to each other in wedlock before they had a baby?}

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I loved this post about taking a risk and then getting creative go read about   a little slipcover miracle via Young House Love.