Gallery Walls

Kasey Buick’s Famous Gallery Stairwell that I desperately want her to come to my house and recreate

so haute via domino

K.I.D Collective

The Lettered Cottage


Pottery Barn

Join me at (in)courage for my tips on creating your own gallery wall today, without even going shopping…

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  1. ok, i will! heading over now! i want to do something like this on a GRAND scale in my office.

    plus, i just wanted to comment and say HI. hi.

  2. Christy Koeberle says

    This link doesn’t work for me. In fact it never does. Makes me sad. :( ha!

    • seriously? what browser are you using?

      here’s the link to the home page
      does that work?

      • Christy Koeberle says

        Sorry just now saw this! I’m using Firefox and that link doesn’t work also. This is the message it gives me.

        Error 400

        We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for / on this server.

        An invalid request was received from your browser. This may be caused by a malfunctioning proxy server or browser privacy software.

        Your technical support key is: 4cfb-bb5a-45b3-5e30

        You can use this key to fix this problem yourself.

        If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact chrisg at and be sure to provide the technical support key shown above.

  3. I have some inspiration photos on my desktop ready for a gallery wall post, but I’ve just started collecting frames. I’ll definitely check out your tips.

  4. I actually really love the PB one. The wallpaper gives it such depth and dimension.

  5. Great links! I think I may do something like this in our stairway.

  6. Great article! I love your living room!
    I’m working on ours now using multiple sizes of all black frames. Can’t decide if I like it better going up the stair case or in the living room though.

  7. I still love gallery walls! And, I still need to fix mine….I need an objective eye!

  8. i really really want to do this! it’s hard to even think about it really working but i will check out your how to!

  9. Love gallery walls and those are great examples! I had one in our old house and really want to do one in our current house. Just can’t pick which place…hallway, entryway, over the sofa…or all three? :)

  10. Love the gallery walls. I’ve posted about doing a couple lately….they’re addictive, but a great way to use a lot of art/architectural pieces laying around in storage :)

  11. I love gallery walls. We have one in our dining room, and it’s one of my favorite things in our whole house.

  12. nester. i’m sure you get sick of hearing this from EVER-Y-ONE, BUT I think you have direct access to my brain or something!! Your posts are always so timely for exactly the project I’m considering…it’s way cool. Thanks for doing this job. :-) I was at a standstill, but now I’m excited to work out my gallery wall ASAP!!

  13. Ooooh I’ve been planning to do this for a while now…..looooove the Pottery Barn wall they keep featuring in the catalog with the blue wall backdrop! These are all lovely, too!! Thanks for the tips, inspiration, and motivation!

  14. Love these!!! I LOVE gallery walls. I actually just posted about it two weeks ago. I have one in our entryway that I love. :)

  15. I am so there! I want to change things up in the family room. Have some awesome old, ooooold family portraits/photos in b&w in the addition (which needs to be turned into a full-on playroom) that I want to put with some others in the family room. Can’t wait to read what you have to say. :)

  16. Perfect timing! Going to work on the wall above my new sofa today! Thank you thank you!!!!

  17. Love it!
    Actually, I’m in the process of making a gallery wall in my living room right now! The rough sketch – really rough – got the nod from my hubby around Christmastime, but nuff said.

    We have a HUGE round vintage looking ($10) clock in the center of our wall. And, I plan on surrounding it with all the wonderful and quirky photos we have.

    I think it will be interesting to see how the boys will age as the wall grows and expands out from the center. :)

    Thanks for the reminder to get back to work on this fun project.

  18. Love that ampersand in the first photo!

  19. I have been contemplating a couple of gallery walls. The biggest is a collection of military photos of members of my family dating back to WWI – I am very proud to have them, and have been trying to find a creative and worthy way to display them.

  20. Great collection of gallery walls!

  21. Mary Catherine says

    Does anyone else struggle with their own work though? I always see things in friends & families houses that I love and they will say the same at my house but I totally don’t agree with my own….Nester, I am not too far from you (just the other side of Charlotte). I desperately want you to come to my house and recreate!!!!

  22. That Kasey Buick one is amazing!! Will follow your link soon. Thanks.

  23. LOVE THESE! The first one is my favorite. I am doing two gallery walls in my new house. One upstairs and one in my office.

  24. I love displaying photos with mats in frames in our home. Pottery Barn inspired me originally to use this technique for a gallery effect.

    Is anyone else having a simplify-clutter theme flashback? ;0)

  25. I’m addicted. I’ve have a gallery wall on every wall if I could.

  26. Ooo, this was a good one! My mom just emailed me this morning to tell me that she’s giving me her bedroom furniture when she gets new stuff. It’s far from a family heirloom, but it’s solid wood, about 35 years old (70s much?), and was a wedding gift to her.

    I want to refinish it by painting it black and swapping out the hardware.

    I’m pretty sure this will be an unpopular choice with the older set (you know how they get about painting wood), but I really want to try it! I hope I have the guts to just do it…

  27. LOVE!

  28. Oooh Yay! I want to do a stairwell gallery wall this summer!

  29. i WANT a gallery wall!! I have the pictures, some of the frames and the wall space. Just no idea how to make it look good :(

  30. Love the Gallery wall! My question is this: How many gallery walls can you have in a home? Is there such a thing as TOO many?

  31. This is a for sure do for me!! Love the 2nd pic it’s so glamorous!!

  32. I’m so dreaming of having a stairway gallery! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  33. nester, thanks so much for the encouragement to just do a wall! i loved both of your articles. sooo, anyhow, i did it!

  34. Awwww….I remember when that room used to look like that. *sigh*
    Can’t wait to show you our new gallery wall (in a surprise room) next week!


  35. PS- Thanks for the mention! XO

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