Something else is wrong with me.

Um, I kind of like to clean my house.  I kind of almost look forward to it.

That Mrs. Meyer has brainwashed me or something.

Get it “brainwashed”, she makes cleaning products?  Funny, right?  I’m reading the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home book right now and it’s fun to read about her family and how the company started.  Her daughter, Monica…well, I’ll let them tell you…

And if you are a Caldrea fan, that daughter, Monica has two daughters, Aundrea and Calla.  Yep, the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean day is the more budget friendly version of Monica’s first creation, Caldrea.  I love reading about how companies started, and Mrs. Meyer’s is no exception.

With guests coming for the holidays and ebook writing and mistreatment creating and husband and three boys and a dog constantly running in and out, my house is in disarray more than I’d like to admit.

And I’d much rather be writing a blog post or tweeting about important things like cheese than cleaning.  Until I started using Mrs. Meyer’s stuff. I mentioned my devotion to her products in October.  And the dust particles aligned and now Mrs. Meyer’s is a sponsor of Nesting Place this month {thanks Mrs. M. for sponsoring this post, you make it easy to write about}.

The magic is in the smell.  I can’t put it into words.  According to Thema Meyer, it “Smells like a garden. Cleans like the dickens”.  It’s addicting, that fresh clean smell.  Once you try it, you probably won’t be able to turn back to those hospital smelling cleaners. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Three things every kitchen must have: a dutch oven, a laptop, and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day counter top spray.  Can I get an Amen?

This Christmas season is turning out to be weird.  Most of my Christmas decor annoys me and I like to clean.  What is HAPPENING to me?  So, today, I’m stripping the white slipcover off my sofa and using my lavender detergent and fabric softener {also a scoop of Oxy Clean} and in a few hours my sofa will be as good as new and smell fresh and lovely.

Until they come back.  But I still love having white slips.

And my collection has grown. Isn’t it beautiful?   Every so often they have amazing limited edition smells that sell out super fast. I’ll let you know next time I see one {after I purchase mine}. They’ve had rhubarb, snickerdoodle, orange clove, gingerbread, peppermint, apple, honeysuckle and Iowa Pine to name a few.  And there are some people that get these limited editions and then sell them on ebay and make a killing.  Not that I checked or anything. Not that I’m considering purchasing a pepperment product on ebay.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is now available in many Walmart stores {look in the laundry section}.  They have the best selection I’ve seen in person and you can even twist off the top and take a wiph.  wiff. whiph?  I can NEVER spell that word.  You can even check online to see if your local store carries what you are looking for and if it’s in stock.  My local Walmart had some $2 off coupons hanging around the necks of the laundry soap.  But, just in case, you might want to print up some of these $1 off coupons. HERE is the coupon right under these words:: click on it…

If your local Walmart doesn’t carry Mrs. Meyer’s Clean day, no worries, there is free shipping on orders over $50 at Mrs. through December 16th at noon.  Happy cleaning and may your house be squeaky clean not stinky clean.