Welcome to the 2010 Christmas Tour of Homes!

is a scarf Christmasy?

I’ll be honest, I’m still putting a few things out to decorate for Christmas, but some weirdo decided to have a Christmas Tour on the 13th and I want to join in so I’ll show you what I have so far.  Wait, I’m the weirdo.  Nevermind.

We kept it kind of simple and natural and thrifty this year.  I shopped the house and used what I had and I don’t have bins and bins to fill back up the week after Christmas.  But who knows, I might go all out next year.  I love all sorts of Christmas decorating and I have nothing against bins.

But, this tour is not about me.  We want to see your place.   However if you are new here and aren’t sick of me talking about my Christmas decorations and wreaths and annoyances and want to see more here are my posts for the holidays.

You have no idea how much I enjoy you, the Nesting Place community.  Thank you for making this blog a place where we can be imperfect together.  Now, let’s get to the fun part…

Here are the unofficial rules if you have any questions.  If your link got deleted, click here to find out why.  And remember, only one link up per blog.  Don’t forget, Kelly’s having a linky party today too!