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  1. Every year I struggle with what to give my mom for Christmas. She is not materialistic at all, never wants anything and is very content with her belongings. She even states “do not get me anything for Christmas, please!”. Yet, living 800 miles away from her, she rarely has an opportunity to see my children or myself. And whenever we talk on the phone, she will say “I wish I had a picture of you to look at everyday.” I often email pics to my sister to share with her, but as my mom says “she does not DO electronic photos!” So this year, I am gathering a bunch of photos will take them to Walmart, PRINT them and put them in a basic flip photo album…I think she will love it….nothing fancy, no batteries or power required, no flash drives…just old fashioned photos, on paper to touch and hold and enjoy. Happy Holidays to All!

  2. taia frohman says

    Every year I make varieties of fudge and extra sweet goodies for my elderly friends and also family. This year I am making healthier treats to give and mail to grandchildren. Like oatmeal raisin cookies, but substituing 1/2 granola with the oatmeal and adding 1/2 brown sugar and it is extra good too. Making good granola bars and fruit treats. We are wanting to all live healthier and this would just be a small part for Christmas treats for my friends.

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