Yesterday was the most hysterical day in the comments ever. Thank you all so much for your concern and ideas and helping me figure out whether or not this fella was satanic.  Thanks to a few of you smarter than me people, I am now sure that this is NOT a ram but an antelope.  Not only that, the creators, in Haiti meant for it to be a Peace Antelope.  My husband is fine with him in the house, he just wasn’t crazy about him in the bedroom~even though he’s all about hanging up his grandfather’s 100 year old shotgun in our room but whatever.  So, I think he looks very happy in my office, and I haven’t changed my opinion about the Antelope, I love him.  But he does need a name, don’t you think?  Rufus?

And OH, some of your ideas–paint glow in the dark eyes on him, add lipstick to his lips, make him a crucifix necklace, perch a bird on his horns {I might really do that one} the ideas were fantastic!

Look closely at my ceiling in this photo.  Do you see it?  He’s now mocking me with cartoon like laughter, in double.  The shadow of his ears on the ceiling make it look like his big pie hole is open and dramastically reduce the scary feeling anyone might have when looking at him.

Because of all my nonsense this week, I’ve forgotten to announce the winners of the Vintage Pearl and Willow House giveaways.  I promise, tomorrow. Or Monday. Yes, winners will be announced by early next week.  I’m off to hang out with my friend Laura and learn from Eddie Ross today at the Metrolina, is anyone reading this gonna be there too?

And disclaimer {am I going to have to start doing that? please, no}:: that wreath and tree are just in there, the wreath is fragile so I have to have it out of my clumsy way or else. So I had a nail there and up it went, half my house is like that, just thrown up there for now to get it out of the way. It wasn’t a “oh this is the perfect place for  this wreath” decision.  You all know that right?  I don’t need to write disclaimers on every post telling you what’s not done or why I know it’s less than perfect.  I’m too lazy anyway.

Have a wonderful Saturday!