Creepy Mantel

My boys are almost 13, 10 and 9.  They demand some type of spooky in October.

It takes next to nothing to make them happy.  A few dollars worth of ripped up cheese cloth that looks better each year.

And a tiny family of birds.

I can never resist a good mantel party.  Check out all the creepy mantels at The Stories of A to Z today.

If you are wanting more traditional fall mantel ideas, there are over 250 fall mantels to look at right here.

And, if you are bored with mantels and are trying to find today’s 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest Post, scroll down or click here. Thanks for visiting and see you tomorrow!


  1. Nester – how do you continually change up what’s on your walls without making tons of holes?

  2. Great question but,
    What’s wrong with holes?
    The mantel needed no holes and the birds are attached to micro nails that happend to fit perfectly in little holes that were already in the wall.

  3. OMG! I love that cheese cloth idea!! Consider that one stolen! ;) Although I will link back to ya!!

  4. Love that we share a love for mantels :). Thanks so much for the shout out! My boys adore some spook as well and would love some ripped cheesecloth!

  5. that is a lot of fun. my boys are the same way. love the cheese cloth!

  6. Noah has been begging for Halloween decorations–he doesn’t count the pumpkins and the candy corn wreath I made. He wants “ghost-es and skulls” I think this might be right up his alley. I’ve had some cheesecloth in a drawer for 6 years, time to use it.

  7. My son just said, “I like this friend’s house. Can I please, please, please go there? – Love, Abby

  8. What I love is that it looks spooky, but it looks really stylish! Your boys must be happy to have you as their mummy! The birds around the cameo style silhouette is very reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe!

  9. Great cheese cloth idea, love your mantel!!

  10. Love it! This is off topic, but what do you store in that fabulous white dresser of yours???

  11. I love the cheesecloth idea! Oh yah, I just noticed the white dresser too. I have one very similiar. It is in our closet right now because both of the bedrooms didn’t need it. I have never thought of putting it in a family room but why not! It looks great! Thank you Nester!

  12. I like it! You have just enough “spooky.” It says “Halloween” without fake blood and gory skulls all over the place. Nice work!

  13. Perfectly spooky!

  14. I’m amazed at how beautifully you fit Halloween decorations with your already lovely decor! I’m speechless…so creative!

  15. Love it!!

  16. Gotta love halloween decorating that’s chic andddd spooky!

  17. Spooky and stylish, love it!

  18. Courtney Laib says

    Hi Nester,

    I was just recently introduced to your blog and I’m am slowly catching up on all your posts. Loving it by the way:) I just noticed (in this post) the wooden shutters over or fireplace. Curious if you got those at Goodwill? I just picked up four of them the other day for $2.99 each. Wondering if you have any idea where they come from? (other then Goodwill).

    Shorewood, IL

  19. Just needing to know where you found this fireplace mantle because i have a corner fireplace with the wall that goes to the ceiling and can find anything like this.


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