When I planned this series all last year, I knew I wanted to include a linky party where you could share your less messy tips and photos and thoughts.  I figured I’d talk about it off and on during my series so as to give you time to think about what you would post.  Yeah.  It’s been 29 days and today is the day for the linky and I have YET to tell anyone but for a random announcement on twitter and facebook yesterday.  Maybe next year I should do a series on how to organize one’s blog.

In all seriousness, you have smarts that we need to know about.  I love hearing a great tip that someone has stumbled upon in their home, or maybe it’s just something simple that works for your family and helps keep your nest more sane and less messy.  Feel free to link to an old post or write a new one.  One link per person please–if you have lots of tips at your blog, link to ONE post where you give us links to all of your fab ideas.  I’ll keep this linky open for a week so you can drop back by and check up on what you’ve missed.

It’s been real.  Only 2 days left.