31 Days :: What’s Your Secret?

When I planned this series all last year, I knew I wanted to include a linky party where you could share your less messy tips and photos and thoughts.  I figured I’d talk about it off and on during my series so as to give you time to think about what you would post.  Yeah.  It’s been 29 days and today is the day for the linky and I have YET to tell anyone but for a random announcement on twitter and facebook yesterday.  Maybe next year I should do a series on how to organize one’s blog.

In all seriousness, you have smarts that we need to know about.  I love hearing a great tip that someone has stumbled upon in their home, or maybe it’s just something simple that works for your family and helps keep your nest more sane and less messy.  Feel free to link to an old post or write a new one.  One link per person please–if you have lots of tips at your blog, link to ONE post where you give us links to all of your fab ideas.  I’ll keep this linky open for a week so you can drop back by and check up on what you’ve missed.

It’s been real.  Only 2 days left.


  1. I can’t believe 31 days is almost over. sniff.

  2. Thanks for hosting. I actually had a post to share, even though I’m not known for my less-messy ways.

  3. I know there are going to be jewels shared today. And I can’t wait to go back through this series and implement EVERY SINGLE ONE OF the ideas….but now I am just starting with lightening my candles. :)

  4. Christine Aldinger says

    i enjoy alot of post’s everyday but i must say your’s has been so informative and helpful. i have saved alot info to a folder to help with my household, maybe i should have done some things now but with the holidays and kids coming home more this time of year i put off, anyways i just wanted to tell you i appreciated every single post and ty

  5. We have 5 kids and you would think I would have figured this out a long time ago. Our former problem: kids drying their hands on a small hand towel in the downstairs bathroom that they couldn’t reach or hang back up again. Then it would end up sitting in the sink, soaking wet. Our simple solution: We used an older thin towel that we knot on the towel ring so that it can’t come off. It’s long enough for them to reach, and no more wet towel in the sink that I have to wash over and over again!!!

  6. Wow… 31 days went so quickly!

    I’m a huge fan of a ‘less messy nest’ and have SO enjoyed your entire series.

    Ok, now it’s time to check out all these wonderful linkups!

  7. For someone who did not give much advance notice you got a great response. I am thankful for this series as well as all the great commenters who help others (like ME) who need all the help we can get.
    I am going to take some of this advice and intend to do follow ups on my blog.
    If you’ve seen my Mom Cave entry you know how far I have to journey.

  8. I have been very inspired by this series! Now I need to get moving and follow these ideas!

  9. I bought a really pretty “towel bar” and put it on the wall in the family room. Now we can keep those cozy blankets neatly hung til we need one. With 5 plus grands here all the time, the room would look trashed if that many blankets were left tossed on the furniture. It also takes up less room than a quilt rack.

  10. Okay, I tried several times to link up a post about making school mornings less stressful, but it wouldn’t work.

    Can’t wait to look at all of the other ideas!

  11. I have LOOOOVED this series. One of my favorite ‘clean up’ tips is this. if your house looks really overwhelmingly messy. set a kitchen timer for 10 minutes for each room. It works wonders over here!! that way I know if I don’t get it cleaned up in 10. I’ll be back. So I work fast ;D

  12. Nester, I linked to a post I wrote in August about my pantry. I’m so excited to say that this time I REALLY organized my pantry, and here we are two months later, and my pantry still looks just as good!! I was inspired by some beautiful pantries I saw in blogland, but then I organized mine in a way that really works for me and my family of hungry boys. We go through too much food to be able to make good use of a “designer” pantry–we needed a WORKING pantry. So that’s how I organized ours, and it really does work!

    Now if I could just apply that same principle to a bunch of other parts of our house, I’d be all set! (Actually, I CAN apply that same principle to other areas. . . I just need to get to it!)

    I hate to see this series end. Thank you so much for organizing this fantastic series of 31-Day posts. You should get a medal.

  13. I don’t have a secret, so I will look forward to checking the links out. ;) Loved this series, Nester!!!

  14. One thing I have done to streamline getting out the door is that I put a basket of the kids’ socks by the back door right by their shoes. It works well for me because I have one daughter and one son so it is obvious whose socks are whose. I got this idea from a blog (don’t remember which one) a couple of years ago. Another hint that I read somewhere if you have more than one boy or more than one girl was to buy socks for each child from a different store so that the kids will always know their socks apart from their siblings.

  15. I loved your de-cluttering tip about getting rid of anything that you hesitate about when you are going through your things. It’s probably the best advice on the subject I’ve ever read!

    I’ve been going through my home, one cabinet or drawer a day and noticed myself hesitating about the same things I made the wrong choice over last time! I”m lucky to have a husband who’s motto is “if in doubt, throw it out”. :-)

    The feeling of having a neat, clean, uncluttered home far out weighs the couple of bucks I *might* have to spend replacing something later. I’m worth it!!

  16. Hi Nester,
    Thanks for all the great tips you’ve shared all month! For the party, I’ve linked an older post where I de-messified a closet and turned it into a dish closet. :) I’ve also mentioned and linked to the party in my post that just went up today. Have a great Halloween with your boys!

  17. Hi!
    I sure have enjoyed this month learning from you!
    I went to The Relevant Conference, and still found time each day to come read your posts!
    It was like a home away from home!
    Many blessings to you this Autumn (and all the other seasons, too).
    YOU need a vacation after this series-i know I would!
    Thanks again, from my heart.

  18. My number one tip for organizing your home/stuff is to: ASSIGN A USE and stick with it. Lots of people buy all sorts of organizers and then leave them EMPTY or get hung up on making the first decision…which is to WHAT to do with it. Find a spot that holds your containers….it a closet shelf or under your bed…then assign a use. If it’s for shoes or sweather then add a tag or a label and start using it. If you need another container for an empty spot on your shelf or perhaps by the door…then take your measurements and go buy/find one and START using it. Hope this helps, Fondly, Roberta

  19. What a great month! I’ve really enjoyed this and I have tackled two projects because of this month’s theme. Did I need a theme to get them done? No, but it helped! I painted my pantry a lovely shade of grey/blue, got new baskets and prettied it all up. I also had new carpet put in the master bedroom and prettied that up as well! Done. :)

  20. Hi Nester~
    I have so looked forward each day to your posts this month! I also love you blog…I am originally from Macon, so it is fun to know someone out there in blog land who has lived there too!

    My tip to share is how I keep the sheets for the beds in our house organized. I have an underbed plastic storage box under each bed. The box holds the clean sheet sets for that bed only. When I change the sheets, they are right there! Saves alot of space in our hallway linen closet too!

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