Friday, when I announced the winners of the most recent giveaways, I asked you to leave a comment if you’ve ever won a blog giveaway are not.  One of the comments had a genius idea::

What a great idea to make a surprise giveaway and enter all who had never won anything from the comments! And the winner is:

GINA @ Not So Random Stuff

email me, and then start praying that I’ll actually mail your prizes!~ you are in luck though, I’ll be mailing off the Vintage Nesting Place auction stuff this week so your chances of getting your cute loot are better.

I guess you are wondering what you’ve won?   That pile of cut loot up at the top from my personal stash of stuff I love.  There’s a Blessings Unlimited By Grace Alone Wall Hanging, The Mailbox a novel by my friend Marybeth Whalen {I read it at the beach so it’s a little sticky but a great read} a Pleated Poppy Posey from the (in)courage shop and some Red Letter Words cards that you will love.  Speaking of Red Letter Words, stay tuned, there will be another chance to win something very soon!

PS, If I were rich and loved to mail things, I would have given something to every person who left a comment and said they’ve never won anything–maybe someday?