I found this old weathered bicycle basket for $2 while thrifting.  I already have one on my bike but, I bought it anyway not knowing where I would use it.

Currently it’s in my office holding random stuff.

Don’t let not knowing exactly how you will use something keep you from purchasing a small item that you instantly feel connected to.  What’s the last thing you bought simply because you loved it?


  1. Most of the smaller things I buy I don’t know exactly what I would do with them. But they always find a home somewhere.I love shopping like that. That’s part of the fun.

  2. I love the way that looks, but I would fill it with junk! Ha!

  3. I love it!!! I bought {yet another- gasp!!} armoire last month & the Lord knows that I didn’t have room in my house for it…. But He also knew that I DID have room in my garage!!!! I painted it white & now it looks precious & gives me pleasure every time I leave & come home…. check out my post called “gussy up the garage” for pics…..

  4. I’m getting better at this – blind faith buying when I come across something I’m really drawn to, but have no real idea how it will be integrated into our decor. I’m finding, I do find a place for it eventually!

    My most recent buy was a glass lamp stand on clearance in target – no shade, but I was really drawn to the fresh aqua color and the curves! About a week later I had my first visit to IKEA and found a fabulous shade to pair with it and I’ll be working it into our evolving master bedroom very soon! It’s been fun to see things come together (slowly but surely) without a ‘plan’!

  5. starfish plates. Not even practical plates, sized to eat off of with pictures of starfish, that are dishwasher safe. Oh no. Very small starfish shaped plates. Not practical for anything, can’t throw em in the dishwasher. And they’re pale blue. Ever seen a pale blue starfish? Me neither. But i love them. And they’re front and center in my china cabinet. :)

  6. Here’s what I did with 25 cent frames

    Thanks for all the creative thing you do & ways you encourage everyone to create:)

  7. I should take a lesson from you. I can’t think of the last time I bought something just because I liked it. I generally hunt for something only when I have a specific purpose in mind, and I can pretty easily talk myself out of something when I think I can’t justify it. I will say that I have had my eye on a pretty jar/vase for a while. Maybe this lesson will be tested soon?

  8. Can I just say…I love your office! It looks like such a cozy and inspiring place to work. I love those little birds on the wall.

  9. Sheri, perhaps those starfish plates could be used to hold tealights or a cream coloured votive candle for a tablescape.

    My last impulse buy was a pair of ceramic birds, one brown, one green. They were half price at Michael’s ($2.50 ea). They’ve been flitting about my living room perching here and there. They make me smile.

  10. Pretty much how I buy most everything for our home. Last items were probably an old wooden shoe form (child’s size), and a chippy painted doorknob set (meaning both knobs).

    We also recently bought an antique armoire – my hubby spied it. Didn’t matter that we have a LARGE armoire already in our bedroom and a LARGE and HEAVY entertainment center in the great room. The larger armoire will move to the great room and YAY we will get rid of the entertainment center.


    ps – obviously I don’t know how to spell armoire!

  11. Oh, those walls. And those birds! Lovely place.

  12. I bought an old black wrought iron base at one of my fave antique holes that needs a glass topper for the porch. It’s a short table, so I think it will look pretty with pumpkins and mums on it this fall.

  13. I’m so glad someone else shares that sentiment. I think we’re trained not to buy something unless we “need” it, but when I do that, I always find myself realizing (6 months later) that the thing I loved would be perfect for ____. Better to have a collection to choose from :)

  14. I love it! I might do this one for paper trash near my desk – would certainly keep the kitties from knocking it over (they might think it’s a nest and sleep in it though) :)

  15. I seriously can’t believe how many great things you’ve done to your rental. We’re renting and I have no motivation so far. The thing is, we’ll be here 3 years or so, I should just get to it. The owners are going to retire and move in when we move out so they want it left as is. Then they have a cleaning lady come once a month (which is great, I’m not complaining) to deep clean AND keep an eye on us. I’m not sure I could get away with too much. Maybe I’ll just have to live vicariously through your blog (like I’m sure many do). :)

  16. What about…”Don’t let not knowing exactly how you will use something keep you from purchasing a large piece of furniture that you instantly feel connected to”? I have a furniture addiction and one of the last pieces I bought was a table and chairs for $38! Did I need a table and chairs? No.

  17. Just this last Saturday. I bought a faux bamboo frame in all it’s gold glory for 75 cents. I hung it up on Sunday with our large wood initial. Just few tweaks to my photo wall and it’s new and fresh and I love it!

  18. I found a few little hummingbird nests that I had to buy. I did find a home for them in a clear glass pitcher on my table. They are so delicate and sweet, I could not pass them up.

  19. Alison Gonzalez says

    I have a basket similar to that one in my bathroom that was purchased at Goodwill several years ago. It hangs on a hook on the wall and holds 4 rolls of toilet paper perfectly. You can be sitting there and just reach up and get one out of the basket but guess what………my husband still leaves the roll empty! Men!

  20. Lauren Bretz says

    I bought a $2 weathered-wood framed chalk board at a yard sale this past Saturday (It still has the TJMaxx $15 price tag on it). Not sure where I will hang it, but I truly loved it. Oooo, I also bought two hymnals for $.25 a piece! Again…not sure how I’ll use them, but I’m thinking of tearing our some pages and framing some of my favorite hymns. We’ll see. I love thrifting–and your encouragement to do so. :)

  21. an old vintage camera for $6 at a thrift. I love it!

  22. Note to self: never walk away from a cute basket at the flea market or garage sale!

    Love it on the wall!

  23. That’s a great use for a basket!!

  24. a LARGE coke at McDonalds!!!! =)

  25. A Pottery Barn mercury glass pillar holder, $3 at Goodwill.

  26. An old, not-quite-perfect-condition oak letter tray. It’s has lovely dove-tail joints, and a rustic, worn color. At the moment it’s filled with a bunch of paper clutter, but I still love it. It adds something beautiful to my space.

  27. cheap linen curtain panels on sale at Target… not sure which room they’ll go in yet, but such a great deal!

  28. Check out my blog today and you’ll see what an amazing score I made at the flea market this weekend, just because I liked a box of transferware.

  29. I just wanted to say I have a bicycle basket too and I keep it hung in the bathroom with my hair supplies in it (brushes, hair dryer, flat iron, etc.). They’re actually really useful. I used to keep it by my bed with bedside stuff in it at one time. Just a few ideas for anyone else that has a wicker bicycle basket knocking around . . .

  30. For major furniture purchases, I have to love the piece AND need it. However, I buy all my decorative accessories simply because I love them. My motto is “buy first, ask questions later”!

  31. A little bluebird figurine. I’m not a huge bird person and it’s not even a central piece…. but when I see it I just smile! And it was on sale at Home Goods! ;)

  32. I love the look of that there…who would of thought? Also, I am in love with those lamps, if only I could find a pair like that!!!


  33. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says

    A chippy white wood shelf…it sat in the basement for months, but now that we are redoing our oldest daughter’s room…it is perfect!

  34. Oh, I love it on the wall….I like finding uses for things that don’t necessarily “go” where you put them. Have a lovely day Nester!!

  35. I just bought a small cookie tin…it is red with the cutest handle! I can’t wait to find something to do with it! lol

  36. Love the basket! The last thing I bought was a bunch of real silver platters from an estate sale. The price was too good to pass up. I decided that since they were all round and different sizes I’m going to hang them on the wall in the dining room in an artsy fashion. Right after I polish all of them.

  37. love your houndstooth chair! i need some houndstooth in my life, i just can’t seem to find it when i’m looking for it! :)

  38. Can you tell me what the color of blue that is on the table beside the chair? I just love it!


  39. Super cute! I happen to ♥♥ vintage bicycle baskets. I even have one listed in my Etsy shop:


    Silver Lining

  40. Oh my, what a laoded questions. I have the same philosophy. If something “speaks” to me and is a good price, I know I’ll figure out what to do with it.

  41. Might you tell me where you got your birds. . .I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

    They would look great on my livingroom wall!


  42. How do you get any work done in that office! I would just want to get cozy in that chair and enjoy the peaceful space!!

    The last thing I bought that I probably didn’t need was this awesome vintage, clear, round base, lamp with a bright yellow shade that has little dried pansies all over it! Whoo that was a mouthful (type-ful)! It was at Good-Will screaming our names! No place yet for it.. but soon, at least I hope!

  43. Love what you did with the basket! …And yes, I buy stuff all the time just because I like it. That is the thing with thrifting..you have to buy it when you see it, or its gone. So, buy now, finsd a purpose or place later ;-)
    Love your blog, by the way. You gave me permission to feel good about my home even if it wasn’t perfect.

  44. I had that same bicycle basket and bought it because I “connected” with it :), but had no idea how I would use it. I just went and hung it in my office. Great Idea! Thank you, one more spot emptied in the storage room! ha!

  45. Oh my goodness, soooo much that I don’t know what to do with it. I’m a shopaholic (thrift only) and slobaholic I need that “aholic anonymous” thing! Would you please consider doing your bonus room next? Mine is similar and I have brain block somehow. Blessings and thanks for your sharing.

  46. A red garden Foo dog. Red is an accent color in my living and kitchen. I have a Pekingese and Foo dogs are supposed to be Pekingese. I have the Foo Dog in my living room and it stands just like my dog. I love it.

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