It had to be done.  Within days of coming back from the cottage two months ago, I contacted Angela, a friend, Nesting Place board member {did you know there was a board?} and sponsor, to see when we could go  back with my parents.  I wanted them to enjoy the stillness and beauty that is the cottage. I wanted my mom to experience tubing.  My boys wanted to sleep in the bunks.  My husband wanted to smoke a cigar under the stars with my dad.  And I needed more inspiration.

We went on the edge of the beginning of the cusp of the fall colors.  Ok so it’s still weeks away but can you imagine these hills filled with fall beauty? The nice thing about the North Carolina mountains are that even on a midsummer’s night, the hot tub is wonderful. It will be even better on the crisp fall evenings.

I tried to pinpoint exactly why I like going to the cottage.  It’s got beds made from material that Angela must have imported straight from kittens in heaven, and stone fireplaces and exposed beams and stunning views.  The night sky holds stars of Biblical proportions.

I like the inside as much as the outside.  And while I looked around I tried to take mental notes of what exactly it is that creates the atmosphere of relaxation and peace both inside and outside.  I want my home to have that kind of feeling.

The cottage is perfectly positioned so you don’t see any other homes or hear highways or interruptions. While you are there it is still.  And slow.  And quiet. But if you need to run to Wal-Mart you can totally be there in 15 minutes.

The inside captures the same essence.  It is still.  It is quiet.  Each item in the cottage has a voice. I thought about my own home.  Every item still has a voice, but because there are so many of them, they often are vying for my attention and shouting. They are loud with their “look at me”.  Note to self, one way to achieve a visually peaceful home is to quiet the house.  Let the things I love speak and remove the clutter.  Maybe that can help me feel like I am on vacation even in my own home.


My parents stayed in the main level bedroom and my man and I  stayed downstairs in my favorite bed.  The boys were thrilled to get to stay in the bunk room again.  My 9 year old likes the bunks so much he went to bed early just to enjoy them.  Seriously, he missed the season finale of Whale Wars just to get to lay in a top bunk.   And just like always, I have no photographic record that either me or my mom were even on this trip.  Somehow, the women never get photographed.

Oh wait, that’s my foot.  I was trying to estimate the size of this bowl of succulents so I took a photo of it next to my foot because clearly, that is the normal way to measure things.  Never mind, I DID get photographed after all.  I think I’ll have this photo framed to remember the trip.

The cottage still has some prime fall availability. It’s located in the mountains of Waynesville, NC just 40 minutes from Asheville, convenient to the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. Here are a few ideas of things to do during your stay. If a group of girls want to go and invite me, I’m dying to go shop at the Tobacco Barn.

We went tubing in Deep Creek.  I think my husband secretly wished we had a few more people with us.  He finds great pleausre in tying things on top of the car. It must be a man thing.

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Click Here to find out specific information on availability and rates

{two families can stay for about the same price as they’d each pay at a hotel!}


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I learn something from everyplace I’ve visited.  I bet you do as well.