I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy real plants in our home.  Usually, over the winter, most of my live plants succumb to my lack of attention and by spring, I buy a few replacements.

Greens for your home are inexpensive, easy to care for and for some reason, have the power to completely freshen and breath life into a room.  It’s actually quite amazing.  And if they die, at least you get to enjoy them for a few months.  Totally worth it.

Our local home improvement store had some rosemary for sale. I’ll plant it in a few weeks after I use some of it for our Easter lunch.  Rosemary smells great and grows profusely, you barely have to acknowledge its existence.  I also like cut white spider mums because they can last up to 2 weeks.  Our grocery has them for $4 for a bunch.

Remember the succulents we planted last year?  After being ignored 99% of the time, the ones I didn’t drop are still living on.  Such an easy plant to grow.

Here are a few pointers for greens in the home:

  • repot plants in containers you already have
  • take advantage of blooming branches and leafy stems from your yard-just cut them and put them in an urn {just don’t use Bradford Pear branches like Layla did}
  • have a green in every public room in your home
  • use rocks, moss, tiny shells or bark to cover up the dirt under your plant
  • if you are new at adding greens buy one or two types of plants at a time to see what works for you

I’ve never regretted spending money on greens for our home and I always want more, More, MORE!  Stop by my dear friend at The Inspired Room to get ideas for using greens on your porch.

What greens have worked well for you?