I’m sure you are glad to be back to your old self.  Thanks to some much needed tweeting from my good friend, Melissa, I hung your red check mistreatments back up.  After a brief email exchange full of laughs and advice seeking, she wisely told me in very firm words to “go put your red drapes up right now”.  She knew me and it was so invigorating to hear that.  It is good to have a friend who knows my style and quirks in times of design need. And I’m sure you are glad to be cozied up again.


I knew the moment I had the first panel hung that I was glad they were back.  I decided that as much as I truly love, LOVE the whole textures, white on white and neutrals thing, and as much as I think it’s timeless {of course this is coming from a person who also believes that toile is timeless} and wonderful and reminiscent of you when our family was young, for me, the way to change is not drastic all at once-I’m-painting-everything-white-today.  I think you look lovely and serve our family well just the way you are.  You may not get us in the next issue of Southern Living {oh how it pains me to admit it} but you are real, paid for, visually appealing, full of history and even quite functional.

I do have a feeling that over time I may begin to incorporate more neutrals for you but it’s not worth spending precious time and money on for me to change you up every time I lust after a new/old style.  I’ve decided instead to embrace my inner color loving, imperfect farmhouse style.  It suits us.  But I’m glad to say that I’ve worked through it and after a little tweaking I like you even more.

Thank you for putting up with me.