None of us want to go out and buy Thanksgiving decorations. And none of us want a plain unfestive table either.

If you’ve been a good hostess all focused on things like clean bathrooms, thawed turkeys and having enough forks, the last thing on your mind is what to put on your table to make it look all pretty.

My solution–sticks. Sticks from your yard with the last leaves of the season still hanging on tight.

Take it a step further and add some clips and tiny papers ready for people to write what they are thankful for.

If you have all of the feast served on a separate buffet and your table is empty down the center you can just lay the sticks across the middle of the table. If you serve the food family style on the table, put the sticks in a big urn as a centerpiece. They really are quite impressive and make a big statement for free.

Decorating with food is also and easy, pretty and economical. I just added some nuts in the shell to my year around neutral candle tray.

Have leftover pumpkins? Grab those. Maybe your neighbors who are leaving for Thanksgiving have left over pumpkins they’ll let you put on your porch.

I like to pull out old photos from Thanksgiving past and have those placed around the house too–you don’t even need to frame them, just scatter them around on tables. People love to see themselves from 1985.

Now we’ve got you squared away for Thanksgiving, don’t be last minute for Christmas. My dear friend Laryssa, the artist from L. Herbert Designs just finished painting a few of her newest, Christmas prints. These are brand spanking new, I think the paint is still wet, and there are more prints to come in her shop over the weekend.

You know the drill. Laryssa does a new print for each season and we all switch it out with the print from last season to help us seasonalize our decor in a matter of minutes. It’s a no brainer. I’m especially fond of this skate. I’m a sucker for her old fashioned skate prints.

Or you can go with the dogs.

The stockings are fun and whimsical and make me wish my real stockings looked like this. Laryssa, can you start sewing too?

I know most people buy art and keep it up all year around but I love the idea of buying a frame once and then just switching out the prints a few times per year. I just keep my old prints right in the frame behind the current ones. The prints are only $10 so you don’t have to take out a loan or anything.

This little fella will even be customizable with your family name or anything you want it to say.

I missed that Laryssa didn’t do Thanksgiving prints, but can you imagine what the prints would look like–a turkey with a hatchet in it? Sleeping relatives on the sofa with their top button open, dirty dishes in the sink? I guess it’s better she just skipped right to Christmas.

Laryssa and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! May all your buttons stay buttoned.

Sponsored by L. Herbert Designs:: Original Art