I’ve missed you all while I was on vacation and at the She Speaks conference. Don’t you love going somewhere where you can be yourself and hang out with people that you really enjoy being around?

As my brain slowly processes all that went on {I’ll tell you all about it soon}, I wanted to share something exciting with you that was unveiled at She Speaks. A place where you can be yourself and hang out with great people–sounds like vacation, huh? It kind of is.

It’s a new site called (in)courage and it’s a place where we can be inspired, be real, be ourselves and be, well….(in)couraged.

There are a whole slew of some of my favorite writers who will be involved with this new project. One is Sarah Mae from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee who kicked off what she termed as “the chain of anticipation” love her. It’s taking all that is in me not to talk about each and every person that is going to be a part of this and why I personally adore them.

But, that would be a long post so every day this week on many different blogs you’ll meet others on who are joining in. I had the pleasure this weekend to hang with two of the three girls who are investing so much of their lives into making this site a reality. I’m convinced (in)courage is going to be a like a cyber home for many of us.

And not only will there be (in)couraging words, there will also be some (in)couraging products.

You might even find some tassels that have a little more to say than usual.

One of the handful of artists who’s wares will be featured at (in)courage is someone I love, Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy Shop and Blog. I’m a huge fan of Lindsey’s posies –she even made a limited edition set for Nesting Place readers a few months ago. Lindsey’s tag line is : beautiful imperfections of the everyday. Who doesn’t love that?

All the posies and tea towels will have an (in)couraging message.

I hope you join me, next Monday for the launch of (in)courage at incourage.me lets take hope to heart and enjoy the (in)couragement and connection that we can have with each other.

We’ll meet over there next Monday.

Are you (in)?