Do you ever see a room and wonder how much it cost to furnish it? Are you amazed at how others are able to find great junk at yard sales and then actually work it into the design of their space? Do you wonder what items people are willing to pay more for and why? Do you want to show off your great finds? Me too!

How fun would it be if we all linked up and Priced our Spaces together? You can show an entire room, a wall or whatever and go into however much depth you feel like revealing. Don’t feel like you have to tell the world how much you spent on everything. It’s really about encouraging others that good deals are out there and, that there are some things that are worth paying full price for. I’ll start with a photo of our family room to show you what I’m talking about. If you want to do the fancy number thing you can open a photo bucket account for free and edit your photo to add numbers.

Price My Space Party is Monday, July 13!

I’ll price this room in another post before the party. So stay tuned. Until then, start thinking about what room you want to price.

HALP! Be honest, is this a bad idea? I woke up this morning in a cold sweat telling myself this is an idiot idea and that everyone wants to know what people spend but that no one will be willing to actually tell. Am I the only one willing to spill the proverbial beans or would you join me? Really, we don’t have to do it.

In other news, I just saw this:
I think that’s Nesting Place and I guess that means it’s been nominated for the Blog You’ve Learned the Most From award. What a fantastic category! If you agree with that, I’d love to have your vote because you know, I never win anything.