Price My Space Party is Monday so don’t forget to get your rooms ready. I may even have the post up Sunday evening so you west coasties can get in on the action early.

This is the second half of pricing my living room. Read the first half here. Let’s get to numbers 5,6,7 & 8 shall we?

5. Pair of these chairs. Y’all these chairs have a fancy name, and for the life of me I cannot remember what they are called. I’ve used them here and here and a whole slew of other places. These chairs move around more than a swarm of flies on a watermelon and were one of the best items I’ve ever spend money on. They were each $350 and that included 2 matching ottomans that I use as extra seating and a coffee table.

The blue table was a yard sale find at my sister’s house and I traded clothes for it, I’m sure. It started off black. Pillows: Target $20 each. Lamp: Target $40, years ago. I told you about the drapes in part 1. Total for this part of the room: $780 and that includes the two ottomans you don’t see in this photo, I counted the windows in part one.

6. Rug: Tuesday Morning, 5 years ago $200. It’s a 5 x 8. I wish it were an 8x 10. This rug has held up, again for 5 years. And it’s made so well that I can flip it over and use the other side if it gets too dirty. I really should just have it cleaned.

7. The Toile Sofa: I’ve written about it before. We bought it in High Point at a showroom called Utility Craft. It’s a Clayton Marcus that is/was a division of Lazy Boy. It’s got those cushy down wrapped cushions and it’s just made really, really well. It’s held up to five years with 3 boys, a man who sleeps on it, and 5 moves. It cost about $1800. A huge amount for us. We paid cash for it and spent a while deciding what we wanted. It can seat lots of people/kids if needed and one day, when the toile gets all ripped up, I’ll just have it recovered. Total: $1800 {I took a poll to see what others spent on their sofas to make sure I wasn’t the only one who’s spent this much, click here to see the results}

8. Red Chair: This sweet thing is quite worn. But I love the lines, color and scale. It was $350 purchased also in 2004 in Thomasville, NC at some hole in the wall store that was going out of business. The toile pillow came with the sofa and the other pillow got a 30 minute makeover. The picture on the wall came from my husband’s grandparent’s house and I wish I had 67 of them to hang on every wall. Total: $350

Total for second half: $3130 plus $552.75 from the first half = $3682.75 for our living room that seats 8 comfortably and 12 uncomfortably. And has already lasted 5 years.

Well, as you can tell, there were some things that we spend money on and other things we found super cheap. To me, if you have the money, it’s worth it to spend it on upholstered pieces that will cushion the family hineys for many years. The things that you sit on get the most wear and need to hold up more than anything else. And that’s where the bulk of our money went. I’d rather have a nice sofa than go to Mexico. As far as windows and walls and accessories, I try to find those things as inexpensively as possible. You can build those over time and switch out and rearrange, shop the house and really get creative with all that extra stuff. But, if you can, it is worth it to put your money into a well made sofa.

I’ve also seen some amazing hand me downs, consignment and goodwill finds and slipcovered sofas that have looked fantastic.

Five years ago, we had a budget set aside to help us furnish our house and for that I am forever grateful. It might have to last us the rest of our lives. Now, I have close to a zero budget. I am so glad that we purchased some things back when we could. I wouldn’t go back and invest that money or spend it any differently. I love that we “invested” it in our home and get to enjoy it every day. And now, I have a new challenge, how to decorate on a virtually non existent budget.

So, join us Monday. Feel free to price your space. No pressure. But, whether you spend thousands at a retail shop or quarters at a yard sale, you can have a beautiful home that you enjoy and that blesses your family. I cannot wait to see how you all have beautified your nests!

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