Today I’m being reluctant over at 4 Reluctant Entertainers. If you haven’t visited Sandy’s blog before, it’s a place designed specifically FOR Reluctant Entertainers like me.

Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, stories and so on regarding yesterday’s post. As usual, y’all never cease to amaze me. You are full of information and funny ideas. I heart you all. We hope to move in the middle of June and yes, there are about twice as many windows as there are here. I feel a mistreatment coming on!

Monday, if all goes as planned, I’ve got something for you. Something exciting. Something free. You’re gonna love it! I hope. I’ll tell you more than you ever want to know about it on Monday.

The last of the tassels will be shipped out tomorrow. They are awaiting your love.


Winner of the L. Herbert prints: Adventures of a Costumer! email me!


And if you are wondering what in the world that picture is up there with the upside down table and drums. I was moving furniture and I have three boys. Need I say more?