Welcome to my new internest.

I am almost too tired to even write this post what with all of the bossing around I’ve done these past few…months. Darcy started this process for me ages ago and I kept putting her off because I knew how demanding I would be and I wanted to give this design my utmost attention. She could have had all this up and running in about 48 hours if I would have allowed it.

While Darcy was working like a dog following my commands, I would just come on over to the new layout and let out a deep breath. I am so much more relaxed here. The colors are soothing. There’s not as much going on and the photos just pop. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Thank you Darcy for putting up with me!

You are the best Graphically Designing Woman on the planet. If anyone out there is in the market for a blog redesign, Darcy is your woman. At times I thought she could read my mind. She knows how to make things look professional, personal and perfectly beautiful!

Make yourself at home…

Why don’t you hang around for a few minutes and get comfortable? I’m hoping this layout is much more user friendly. See those photos on the sidebar? They are links to the topics! Look up there at the very top of the page–I’m so organized now! If you are new here, or just want to catch up on some new reads, why not visit The Best of the Nest {up there in that fancy “nav” bar as they say in the business}. I’ve still got some tweaking to do so bear with me but, I’ll be finishing up some of the pages in the next week or so.

Ok, so what do you think? What am I missing?