We have no blinds in our new house. I do have some rods and lots of fabric. My last house had 547 windows. Here, we have 9 windows. So, between the goodwill, yard sales and my own collection, I actually have enough curtain rods. I even have some leftover canvas premade drapes from two houses ago. So glad I saved them.

So, I hung my old mistreatments on each end to serve as dummy panels. Dummy because they just sit there and look pretty but don’t close. That is really what they are called in the design world. Love them.

Then, I hung my old canvas drapes up in the mid sections and close them at night to keep inquiring minds out of the know.

I’ll show you the rest of our room next week when I give you a tour of my entire house.
Do you see something imperfectly beautiful in this post? Last time I asked that y’all gave me a big long list of imperfections so I will be wearing my extra tough skin today. But there is one imperfection that is GLARING if you enlarge a few of the photos.