Well, if you haven’t already heard the breaking news, June and I met for lunch on Saturday. I have idolized her from the moment I came across her blog. I even wrote a post about her because I am that obsessed. I feel it is my duty to the world to tell you the truth about her–she is exactly like you think she is! I don’t know why I am surprised–maybe because I’m pretty sure I’m nothing like you think I am.

She wore a pink coat with a broach and said that she always wears a broach. I wore black. No broach. She has a sassy, stylish haircut. I have long stringy hair. She is witty and personable and funny. I am an introvert who loves being by myself and I have an annoying laugh. She has pets. I have kids. And we had a great time together!

Here is a photo of June. I am hating myself for being so star-struck that I didn’t even look at how the pictures that I took turned out. Why didn’t I get a photo of us together????? If you don’t have a photo it’s like it didn’t even happen! So, this is what I have. People, it doesn’t do her justice at all. She is so put together and thinks she is a horrible eater but I out ate her 2:1 at least.

Soon, June will be moving closer to my sister, Emily and they will get to meet one day. And none of us can wait to meet Jo-Lynne! Oh, and we missed you too Sister Honey Bunch!