My sickness


Do you ever get so utterly tired with your saturated colors and patterns that look like a circus and NASCAR and rainbow all got together and had a love child and that love child is your house and you just want to whitewash and neutralize everything so you remove any and all elements in the […]

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Setting the Stage


Sometimes at the end of a long day I think back to what I’ve accomplished and frankly, I’ve got nothing. Loads of laundry left piled, dishes washed, a bookshelf half organized resulting in a bigger mess that I’ll have to tackle tomorrow, dinners cooked only to end up scooted around on a dish and somewhat […]

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Books on the Ground


Books on the ground Books on the ground Lookin’ like a fool with my books on the ground With the pages gettin folded Books turned sideways Call your self a book lover, fussin at my kids cuz the books on the ground Put those books away….I give up! In the wise words of Randy “I’m […]

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Bird Watching


Fuzzy Pillows from a Surprising Source @ Centsational Girl Powder Room Makeover Phase 1 @ Homebody I am currently envious of Manuela’s Bulb collection @ The Pleasures of Homemaking Have you stopped in at Hope for Haiti today?  There are lots more sponsors.  Remember, you get one entry by donating $1 for which ever prize […]

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Hope for Haiti

Picture 4

Want to do a little something to help?  Maybe you only have a few dollars to spare or a service to offer? Find out how you can join in at Hope For Haiti. You can donate as little as $1 and have a chance to win a great prize–or buy a few tickets for multiple […]

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The two lucky winners of the $50 DaySpring Gift Certificates are: Holly @ Homebody Paula S @ Albany Creek Postscript {ladies, please email me: nestergirl at gmail dot com} Didn’t win?  I never win either.  Don’t forget, you can still save 20% with the promo code NEST2010–good in both the DaySpring Shop and DaySpring-Danielson Design […]

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