Holiday with Matthew Mead :: A Giveaway

I’m double posting today.  The second post features a clip from Sanford and Son and something tells me that the internet might just blow up if I put the likes of Matthew Mead and the Sanford family in the same post.   That’s just wrong.  Very, very wrong. Matthew Mead‘s ideas have been featured basically everywhere […]

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Bird Watching

Kitchen Update @ the little things Did you see what Shanty 2 Chic made with the help of plans from Knock off Wood?  LOVE that she added inexpensive foam crown molding to finish it off.  Genius. Eddie Ross is looking for his next challenge, I mean LUCKY person to get their home doctored up by […]

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Moving Furniture :: The Number One Decorating Fix

I’m an optimist.  I really believe that for every home, and furniture contained in that home, there is a best possible scenario for positioning that furniture for the well being and enjoyment of that particular family.  For reals. I loved the idea of our family room, but the sofa placement never felt right. Or best.  […]

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Terrarium 101 :: A Guest Post

Today we have a special guest, an expert on small houses and plants.  Read on and you’ll discover one of her secrets. Hi Nesters! This is Jessica from My House Party here to share a little how-to on making a terrarium for your home, or the home of someone you love. Terrariums are a great […]

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Decorating with Live Greens

I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy real plants in our home.  Usually, over the winter, most of my live plants succumb to my lack of attention and by spring, I buy a few replacements. Greens for your home are inexpensive, easy to care for and for some reason, have the power to completely […]

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Nesting Spoons

Almost two years ago I saw a photo in a magazine of a spoon ornament that had some moss and an miniature egg on it.  I immediately got my drill and tried to drill a hole through one of my disposal chewed up spoons.  I almost started a fire but I simply couldn’t get that […]

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