31 Days To A Less Messy Nest :: Accessories, for People & A Giveaway


I’m putting this photo of our bedroom {in makeover process} at the top of this post because because I don’t want to put this photo at the top of the post.  This is the other side of my closet.  My weakness. The top of my dresser.  And I just cleaned it off about 36 hours […]

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31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 21:: Enjoy the Beauty Marks


I love that painted white thing that hangs on our mantel. I’ve dropped it 87 times. It’s broken. In more than one place. I like to think of the cracks and chips as beauty marks.  Marks that prove the item is loved just like the Velveteen Rabbit. You don’t really notice it when it’s surrounded […]

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31 Day Interruption :: Rug Alert

amy butler

I interrupt this series to bring you a special announcement.  A deal on BEAUTIFUL rugs. One King’s Lane is holding a 3 day sale {if they last that long} on LOVELY Amy Butler rugs made by Chandra. They have all sorts of sizes and colors and 5 x 8’s start at $399 which is a […]

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31 Days To Less Messy Nest Day 20:: Quit Apologizing


So sorry if you get this post twice in your reader,  I accidentally titled it 31 Days To A Better Dressed Nest, last year’s series. She invited me in and immediately apologized profusely for what a mess her house was.  I expected to see a normal house in normal disarray like how mine looks when […]

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31 Days To a Less Messy Nest Day 19:: For the Right Reasons

happy home

The reason I like my house to be less messy is two fold.  1. When the house is less messy, it is available. Last Friday morning my sister called and wanted to make a spur of the moment visit.  All I had to do was get groceries and put sheets on the guest bed.  I […]

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31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 18:: Lower Your Expectations

oprah 31 days

I was watching an episode of Oprah the other day titled Are You Normal.  One of the guests cleaned her house in the nude and I could easily write a long post on why that is not appealing to me on so many levels but, one of her reasons why she cleaned nekkid was because […]

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