Vote For Nesting Place?

I just discovered that Nesting Place is in the running for Best Overall Mommy Blog at the  Apparently, Nesting Place got the most votes in the Crafty category {thank you!} and now, moves on to the big contest.  If you have a spare 10 seconds, would you vote for Nesting Place?  If you have […]

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Pottery Barn Hacks for Thanksgiving

Put a bunch of leaves of any kind around your turkey and it will instantly look better.   If you want to look even more fancy, make some paper turkey leg frills. Layers, textures, words of thankfulness, and warm wood tones.  That hugemungous tray written on with chalk has me thinking–what else could hang on the […]

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The Organized Simplicity Effect

before Organized Simplicity                         after Organized Simplicity this giveaway is now closed Yesterday I transformed my laundry room in the time it took those whites to go from the washer to the dryer thanks to Tsh’s {Simple Mom’s} new book, Organized Simplicity. I’m a huge fan of […]

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Table Whisperer

My friend Laura and I recently went on one of the shopping trips hosted by none other than Eddie Ross.  He is extremely knowledgeable and has a world of experience with magazine covers and Martha and tv shows.  He led a group of about 20 women around a local antiques fair/flea market/I am not cultured […]

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Setting Up a Buffet {a giveaway}

Alternate title:: Buffet setting up for lazy people who don’t want to think too much plus two super great giveaways Our family is hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and maybe one more get together in the coming months and I’ll certainly be setting the table a few times but, I’ll also be setting up a […]

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Making a Coffee Filter Wreath and Tree and Things of That Nature

I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last to make one of these voluptuous, show stopping wreaths. I used extra large white filters and hot glued them onto a wreath with the clear wrapping on {why unwrap it?}.  You can practice with folding the filters different ways to get different looks.  This […]

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