Making a Coffee Filter Wreath and Tree and Things of That Nature

I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last to make one of these voluptuous, show stopping wreaths. I used extra large white filters and hot glued them onto a wreath with the clear wrapping on {why unwrap it?}.  You can practice with folding the filters different ways to get different looks.  This […]

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Burlap Canvas Makeover

Canvas meets hot glue meets burlap meets hot glue meets broken frame meets hot glue meets old spoon. I like the texture and dimension that the nubby burlap and thick frame give my old canvas.  The possibilities are endless. Do you have some parts around your house that could be married together to make something […]

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He’s Got Betty Davis Eyes

Yesterday was the most hysterical day in the comments ever. Thank you all so much for your concern and ideas and helping me figure out whether or not this fella was satanic.  Thanks to a few of you smarter than me people, I am now sure that this is NOT a ram but an antelope.  […]

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Is This Ram Satanic?

I’ve been working on a bedroom makeover and one of my goals is for it to be masculine and feminine, sophisticated yet quirky. So, when I saw this pretty papier mache ram made by Stray Dog Designs for sale at One King’s Lane {that’s my referral link so I can buy more satanic items?}, I […]

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Decorating Truths from Adam Lambert

The other day someone happened to mention how much they liked a certain accessory but they thought it would just look dumb in their house/on them {you can apply this to fashion and decorating and a slew of other things} because…they couldn’t pull it off. How many times have you wanted to try something but […]

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Seasonal Decorating for Every Season

I want to welcome beautiful things into my home that are versatile.  Which can be tricky this time of year with all the beautiful Christmas items.  But, I’ve realized that those one trick ponies, like the huge over-sized Christmas wreath that can barely fit in the car, are pretty for 4 weeks and a nuisance […]

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