Statement Pieces

Shaunna’s Big Fiddle Karen’s fur covered chair Jules’ Chesterfield Sofa Gabrielle’s painted piano Lauren’s Hanging Driftwood Ashley’s Nest Painting Nicole’s Rug Marian’s Drapes Angela’s nekkid lady Emily’s Book Page Wall My Sailfish {come on, you know I had to include myself} Edie’s…EVERYTHING Every room could use a statement or signature piece.  Could your space benefit […]

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It’s Not Perfect But it’s Beautiful Party Time

home, it’s beautifully imperfect Thank you for stopping by today, I’d love to have you join me in embracing your everyday and celebrating the imperfect in our lives and in our homes. For example, our laundry room.  I bought the shelves {laying against the wall} and the light back in October.  They’ve been in my […]

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The Power of the Imperfect

  This post is part of a little series that you can read in any order, Part 1  and Part 2 We’ll I’ve figured it out. I’ve said it a majillion times.  I truly believe that the imperfections in our home have the ability to help put people at ease.  There’s something about walking in […]

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Would You Buy This?

Jonathan Adler Toilet Paper roll cover from Cottonelle Let’s discuss in the comments…

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Celebrate the Imperfect

idhtbptbb My copper twins are in major need of a fresh coat of paint. I’d like to do glossy white but I keep forgetting to buy the paint so they sit. And the reality is I’d rather make a batch of bread today than paint chairs.   They do their job and they still look […]

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Salt and Pepper of a Home

In her book A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life Mary Randolph Carter says “Music is the salt and pepper of an evening” I couldn’t agree more. Although I would take it one step further, Music is the Salt and Pepper of a Home.  When I’m in a melancholy mood I’ll […]

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