UPDATE:: We are going to have the yard sale inside my parents house.  Everyone will enter through the front door, and into the rich people section, then the sale will extend out into the garage and you’ll exit through the back yard where Emily and I will be tallying up any of your purchases.  So, if you happen to drive by at 6am and see nothing in the empty lot next door to my parent’s house, it’s because we are inside.  Helps us set up before and and control early birds.

the tiny yard sale of 2009

I’d love for you to come buy all my beautiful junk this weekend at the annual yard sale with my mom and my sister that we promise ourselves we will never do again and then we always do it again because we forget the agony and only remember the empty garage and that pile of wrinkled one dollar bills.

6116 Eisenhower Lane, Lake Park, NC


{my parent’s address}.

Eisenhower is a one way, very small street.  You have to enter from the north if you are driving.  There is some parking on the left side of the road. But, there will be yard sales ALL OVER the hood that day, so people will be parking on lots of roads.  It’s Lake Park Fall Yard Sale Day!  One of the bests yard sales of the year!

Lake park is a super cute TINY little town of it’s own.  Like tiny.  There is a church that has a big field and parking lot and lots of people set up their sales there–that’s where I found my white dresser in the spring.  And, closer to lunch they sell BBQ sandwiches.  There is also a Dunkin Donuts really close to Lake Park, just in case.  Vital information, people.


Lots of our stuff is marked normal yard sale prices–boys clothes $1-$2, you know.  But, we also have a special Rich People Section. I did this last year and it was the first stuff to sell.  Basically, it’s stuff {home decor} that we still like.  And I don’t want to put $1 on a lamp that I got at Home Goods 3 months ago but lost the receipt.  It’s stuff that if it doesn’t sell, we are willing to keep. So I’m pricing it higher than yard sale but lower than ebay or Home Goods.  Still a great deal–for example, apothecary jars $4-$8.

Also, because this is a sale with 3 different families our price tags are all different.  We’ve done sales together for years now and we have it down to a science.  You don’t have to find each individual to pay for their stuff.  You go to the one  designated table and we take the tags off your stuff {so we know who earned the loot} and we keep the sticker in a notebook that we use later to add it up.  Makes it easier but, it does mean we have to take each tag off.

Also a note about early birds. Ignore this part, we are doing it inside, but, this still goes for the back of the yard and garage area.

So far 2 loads of stuff have gone to my parents house from my house.  I have two more loads. At least. My sister has stuff there already.  My parents have stuff, basically, this is a little larger yard sale than just a driveway full.  Even with waking up super early, it will a mad dash for us to get everything set up by 7am.  And it ALWAYS seems like a mad dash anyway.  And there always seems to be some 60 year old man with a flashlight and a nurse who has to start her shift in 30 minutes who come and want to look through everything early. And ask questions, and get in my ever loving way, all while I’m still trying to get the other half of my stuff out there.

I have my own personal annoyance towards that as a shopper, but as a seller, if I’m having a tiny sale and I’m all set up and it’s 6:30 and people want to come early I USUALLY accommodate.  Not this time.

I’m going to figure out a way to rope off the area and then at 7am we’ll open.  People will be mad at me for that.  Especially people who are just innocent yard salers who don’t read this blog. Poor things. But it’s the only way I feel like I can guarantee to get my stuff out without having half my boys yard sale clothes still in boxes at the side of the yard and 8 boxes still in the car at 11 am.  See, everyone wins.  If I let early birds shop, then the whole system breaks down. Hate me.  I’m a control freak.  I promise to open at 7 even if we aren’t done getting stuff out.


What we have

Most of what I have to sell is home decor items.  Accessories, lamps, wall stuff, also Christmas garland, wreaths, plates you can hang, lamps, some shutters, some boys clothes, not a lot of furniture.  Also we have clothes and kitchen stuff and other junk.  Plus, don’t forget, there should be lots of other sales in the neighborhood with all sorts of great finds.

Rain Date:: Same time, Same Place, one week later {unless it’s just barely raining}

See you Saturday, bright and early.