Anyone ever used this kind of blub before?   These are available from Plumen.  And now I also want colored cords everywhere in my house.

Finger Knitting

A How-To Finger Knit Tutorial from my dear friend, the one and only, Gussy.


  Want a creative docking station for your iPhone, iPod, iPad?  Check out the ones that Reeve has found on Etsy in this visual list.

Twelve Ways to Accessorize Your Home

“Don’t underestimate the power of accessories.” Twelve Ways to Accessorize Your Home

Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s Bow Ties

From his desire of classic fashion and interior design, Mr. Goodwill Hunting is designing bow ties!

Great Deals at OKL Today!

Today is a Day of Safavieh at One Kings Lane. I’ve written all about how I use OKL here, if you’ve yet to read it~it’s a 3 day sale membership site where all it costs to be a member is your email address and you can cancel at any time. But I wanted to let […]

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