One of my favorite all time quotes comes from Cheryl Strayed’s book, Wild. In the book, Cheryl is quoting her mother about the daily choices we make. Her mom told her: 

“There’s always a sunrise and always a sunset and it’s up to you to choose to be there for it… Put yourself in the way of beauty.”

It’s our job to seek out beauty, to put ourself in its path so that we don’t miss it. 

Even while we’re cloistered away at home.  ​​​​​​​

Especially while we’re cloistered away.

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A few ways to put yourself in the way of beauty

1. Bring the outside in 

If your backyard is blooming like mine is beginning to, grab some scissors and clip anything with life from flowering branches to vines, blooming bulbs and budding leaves. 

Here’s the thing, when I looked out my window my yard still looked barren, but when I walked around with a pair of clippers suddenly I found all sorts of bits and pieces to cut and bring inside. 

Get out there. 

Call your mom or friend or neighbor and see if you can cut a few branches off their blooming cherry blossom this week. No hug, handshake or touching required. 

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2. Fill your home with encouraging and uplifting music

A few years ago I created a playlist for every season to help welcome the season into our home. Two of my Spotify Playlists I’m currently listing to: 

1. Hope Because Life’s Not Perfect Playlist

2. Spring Playlist

3. Watch something stress free

A few of my favorite beautiful, zero stress shows:
Moving Art Episode2: Flowers on Youtube or
Big Dreams, Small Spaces on Netflix or
Victoria on PBS

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4. Create a DESY in every room

With entire families home, one simple way to simplify and add beauty is to create a DESY (Designated Empty Surface, Yippie!) in every room.

Choose one surface in each room–usually the hardest working surface like the coffee table or kitchen island–and allow it to be decor free. Clear it off a few times a day not so it can live completely empty, but so that it’s a cleared off space that’s ready to serve your family.

Enjoy the beauty of simplicity.

5. Create big art with your Kids

I’m not talking about the kind of art that you’ll throw away as soon as they leave the room. But a big huge piece that you’ll show off forever like this one Angela made with her kids. 

Personally, I’ve done this by painting over a big inexpensive thrifted canvas, or an old piece that doesn’t have any value that I’m tired of. You don’t have to use artist approved paint–grab the leftover house paint and any of those 50 cent bottles of craft paint and go for it.

But clearly, Angela is the QUEEN of kid art- the canvas she made with her kids? Ended up on the cover of January’s Elle Decor.

This past week we decided to cancel the next three events we were planning on hosting–our son’s dorm retreat weekend here on our property, our annual Mantime Event, and our first Weekend Workshop (postponed). 

We are sad but looking forward to the time when we can all be together again. 

One question I’ve asked myself about this unique time in our history is, when I look back on this time, what will I wish I would have done?

And then, I try to do that thing.

Here’s to doing that thing and putting ourselves in the way of beauty,