One Room Challenge Week 4 :: That Chandelier

Welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge visit week 1, 2 and 3 if you need to catch up.

One of my favorite ways to add big dose of form and function to a room is with the lighting.

If you have to have lighting, why not make it spectacular?

As a Cozy Minimalist, I want to take full advantage of every item I put in a room and get the most style and impact out of each piece. When it comes to lighting, I’ve learned what to use by using all the wrong things.

In the past I went for small, unremarkable lighting because that felt safe. Especially in a smaller room.

Now, in every room, I like for lighting to be the star of the show. Especially in a smaller room.

And because the One Room Challenge has amazing sponsors, I was able to get my dream chandelier, the queen mother of all other chandys:


via Lamps Plus

Meet the star of our show.

This back porch isn’t fancy, but it’s got the highest ceilings in our house, a dark feature wall and doubles as our entry way for us out here in the country. I’ve had my eye on the Arteriors Whitewash wood chandelier  since we bought this house and I finally had the perfect spot for it. It’s the ideal companion for the rustic pretty porch where we want warm welcoming light and some approachable style.

Here she is off on a dark rainy day.

Here she is lighting the way.

The white whashed sticks against the cedar wall are such a lighthearted, quirky combination.

And, when you are buying a light fixture you are going to walk under, it’s important that you like what it looks like from underneath. It’s kind of like a big firework.

Once the lighting goes up, I always feel like I’m past the halfway point with a room.

Here’s where we’re headed…


The next two weeks are the most fun of the ORC because you can watch everyone’s room quickly coming together now that a lot of the groundwork is finished. This is the best part! Check out everyone’s room:

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Erin Williamson

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PS, if you and your house don’t seem to be getting along right now, you’re gonna love the Cozy Minimalist Decorating class–it’s open for the next few days, click here to find out more












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  1. this is going to be such an amazing spot. What a welcome for you, your family and friends each time you walk through the door!! I love it all!

  2. My, my how the blogging world has changed. I once loved this site for affordable DIY tricks – like rigged up curtains. Now we’re seeing $1,600.00 light fixtures for a converted porch/laundry room!!!?????! So out of reach for the majority of real people who are trying to decorate their homes on a budget.

    • Hi Sherri, I get what you are saying.

      Ten years ago when I started this blog, I did a bunch of DIYs and rigged things up. If you’ve kept up with me here as I’ve written over the years you already know I’ve kind of learned that sometimes DIYing and thrifting and rigging things up are a blessing, and sometimes I’ve used them as a temporary fix to avoid facing real changes that our home needed.

      Yep, this chandy is a huge splurge, and I’m so glad Lamps Plus is a sponsor or else I probably wouldn’t have gotten it right now. I used a $15 thrifted light in here (and in our previous house for years–and loved it) and it’s time for a change. I’ve got other expensive lighting in my house too (really, it’s okay) and I mix it with thrifted finds–just as I have with our furniture ($$ sofa/ thrifted chairs) artwork (some custom some DIY) it’s always about balance and what works for your family.


      • This is very interesting to me – so did Lamps Plus provide the light fixture or did you just get a discount? I wish more bloggers were more transparent about what this kind of sponsorship really means.

  3. i know the light fixture was a splurge and I am sure many of the other things going in the room will be less so. Its your entryway so I totally get it. its gorgeous.

  4. That chandy is one of my all time faves…I actually used it in my parent’s house when I redid their kitchen and everyone who sees it, comments on how beautiful it is. I love how yours pairs with the shakes on the wall…such pretty texture!!!

  5. I saw that chandelier on your decor board, and I was convinced those were candles! I thought it was crazy to put a real candle chandelier in that room. Now that I see it for what is is, I think it is a fantastic statement!

  6. That chandelier is really perfect in your space! So unique.

  7. as bloggers we are “lucky” to have the opportunity to collaborate with some great brands. like you, most of the time, i choose something that i would be able to afford and think my reader could afford as well. but sometimes, it’s really nice to be able to get something that would be a huge splurge and know that you worked hard for it and earned it, just not conventionally. so enjoy your splurge of a fixture. you have more than earned it with your hard work.

    • YES! This. All of what Cassie said. You are amazing, M. Your site, your book and your courses have changed my home – and daresay my life. The home my kids will remember, with gallery walls in every room, is because of you. THANK YOU for what you do and how your inspire. I love your chandelier and am so glad that you were able to work with a sponsor and get it. Well deserved.

  8. Kim@Irishman Acres says:

    Just beautiful friend. So excited for you to finally get this room done! And I laugh to myself thinking about how you got that underneath picture. ~Kim

  9. Life is too short not to have fabulous lighting! The lighting might be a splurge but it has really elevated the room. I’m sure a less expensive piece would function just as well but this lighting is memorable and I’m sure you will be thrilled with it every time you look at it. Love the texture of the sleek chandelier against the cedar.

  10. Thought bloggers were supposed to state somewhere in the post that a blog is sponsored. Maybe I missed it here. Anyway, this is not the first time this blog has passed off a super expensive item without any mention of it being a splurge, or saved for, etc. Just feels so disingenuous. I used to really like this blog and recently gave it another chance. I’m done. Nester, I think you forgot where you came from. And seriously, a $1600 chandelier in a crooked porch of a fixer-upper farm house?

    • Bet in 5 years you see this in a big box store, not as well done, for much cheaper. That is how “design” works. “Devil wears Prada” high-end finally filters down to cheaper in clothes and houses.

  11. I work two jobs and on some days, forget to brush my hair. I wish I had more time to comment and thank people for inspiring me, giving me a great recipe, idea, or happy thought for the day. I would never take the time to write negative comments when a click away is so much faster. Maybe you could do a high/low version of the room as a follow-up? Personally, I miss Million Dollar Decorating because I loved seeing 40K sofas. My best ideas come from expensive homes and I try to ‘get the look’ on my budget. Enjoy the chandy. You earned it.

  12. That chandelier is stunning! I’ve never seen anything like it. It catches your eye right away and not to mention the beautiful backdrop of the cedar planked wall. I’ve always loved cedar planked homes and I would have never thought to bring in indoors. It’s just inspiring!

  13. Laughing about the chandy! Reading your book and moving to a new house. Need new sofas and wanted leather. Can’t afford the even the medium quality and already know that bonded leather is a huge waste of money, you even often have to pay to throw out the peeling/shedding thing!!!!!
    So I looked on Craigslist, a lovely woman had 2 leather couches that her cat had scratched. I knew it was good leather from the cat scratches, but was there anything that could be done to fix it? Found this lovely mother-daughter team that used to restore leather now the send kits so you can do your own! It is called Rub and Restore. You can use her colors (butter yellow!) or have her mix one to match the spa blue that I just bought. It will be about $100 for custom colors for 2 leather sofas. Apparently wealthy people have been paying to have their leather restored and even changed the color for years…who knew. I am so excited! Now I have enough money to buy drapes and lighting!!!

    Oh….a tip on renting…buy $1 package of sewing needles, use them as nails to hold pictures 12×14 or smaller, they are super strong. You don’t even have to fill in the hole it is so small! (That is from a military wife that had to SIGN she would NOT put nail holes in her walls. She didn’t, she used needle holes!

  14. I love a statement chandelier in unexpected spaces and this is a gorgeous one! You’ve earned it, girl. It’s all about mixing highs and lows, the DIYs and the aspirational. Loves it!

  15. I have never seen a chandelier quite like that. What a show piece!

    I am also participating in the ORC and making over my walk in closet. Check it out if you are interested:

  16. I have been obsessed with that chandelier forever. It’s truly unique and gorgeous. I’m sorry but you don’t owe anyone an explanation for using it in your home. We the readers have been coming to your site for years for free inspiration, tips and advice. You have a large following and have worked hard for it. Companies are benefitting from working with bloggers like you because let’s face it it’s way cheaper than the old way of advertising and it gets the word out about their product. I also believe that people have to be willing to see with age (I’m right there with you) you are able to splurge on items you once were not able to. There’s no shame in spending a little and there should be no shame in spending a lot and no explanation is needed. I can’t imagine posting something trying to shame someone for a decorating decision they make in their own home. You do you girl cause that laundry room is looking amazing!!

  17. Nester, that is THE coolest light and it couldn’t be more perfect for this room and against the cedar wall!

  18. Jenny Keane says:

    This room looks like it will have such a fun mix of texture and color. I could NEVER afford that chandy but its great that you were gifted it from a sponsor – its gorgeous!!!

  19. Holy moly you are WAY out of touch. $1,600. HA! this is why the one room challenge has become a joke to see which blogger can grab the most free stuff they don’t need. Over consumption at its best; bravo, another reader lost.

  20. Wow! That light really packs a punch. I love it.

  21. Hmm, I never even thought about the effect a light could have when viewed from below… I’ll have to remember that! Looking forward to seeing the space come together :)

  22. Stephanie says:

    It’s amazing, I especially like it when it’s lit. Not gonna lie – I choked on my coffee when I saw the price!

  23. Stephanie says:

    It is amazing, i especially like when it is lit. not gonna lie – I choked on my coffee when I saw the price.

  24. If you have to have lighting, why not make it spectacular? Really?

  25. Wow, nice blog and helpful tips. I like it, thanks for sharing…!

  26. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it

  27. That chandelier is basically perfect inside your space! So unique and wonderful.

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  29. Thank you for sharing.

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