christmas tour of homes

It’s that time again! I would love for you to join me in sharing your imperfect yet beautiful home this holiday season for the 11th annual Christmas Tour of Homes where everyone is invited!

There are two ways to join in this year:

If you are on Instagram you can join in anytime with one or both of these ridiculously meaningful hashtags:


It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful Christmas –it’s our motto as imperfectionists spiffed up for Christmas!


Over the past few years I’ve declared myself to be a Cozy Minimalist and thousands of you have decided that you are Cozy Minimalists too (we call ourselves Cozies for short!).  As Cozies, we want to use just enough stuff to get the style we’re after without wasting all our time or money or effort on having a bunch of extra stuff that clutters up our home. It’s all about having more style with less stuff.

It doesn’t mean we’re full on minimalists, or that our homes all look the same–no way! It simply means that we pay attention to what we really need to get the unique style we’re after–cozy with just the right amount of things in our home that we love and use. It applies to every style and is all about intentional design that serves our family. Cheers to that!

This is your formal invitation to follow me on Instagram here for small bursts of homey inspiration–it’s basically micro-blogging and I promise to never fill my feed with a bunch of selfies–this account is all about being encouraged in your home.


And of course, like always I’ll host a link up here on Thursday December 15th (here’s last year’s link up) where you can add a link and photo to a post on your blog that where you share your Christmas decor. It’s such a fun way to invite the online community into our homes this time of year. And as always, all styles are welcome–no perfect homes allowed!