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150d812e0a481eb0b6650f63a09b5bcbArtsy Family Photo Inspiration // Little Green Notebook


blush-pink-shower-curtainBathroom 5 Ways // Coco + Kelly


img37Indigo Like Easter Eggs // Home With Her


closet(1)Simple Tricks to Make Your Clothing Last Longer // The Everygirl


lemonshortbread-680x454Meyer Lemon Shortbread // A Cup of Jo

giantbunnies_10Giant Origami Bunnies // Oh Happy Day

george and hillaryWords of Hope for This Volatile Time We’re In // Jennifer Dukes Lee

Our-town-2-4Our Town // This Life I Live


“Creators do not ask how much time something takes but how much creation it costs.”

The Most Successful Creative People Constantly Say No // Business Insider

mrs. m

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  1. Loved the article on saying no. Thank you for being so vocal about this in your own life. I often think of you when I say no to things or don’t answer my phone!!! It has given me great freedom to know I’m not just being mean or selfish but instead protecting my time and focus. You have been such a great example of this!

  2. Ashley, that makes me so happy to hear that!

  3. Love those eggs!
    And the bathroom…
    Thanks for the links! I’m always finding new places when I visit here! :)

  4. That article about saying no – absolutely marvelous. I want to reread it a dozen times until I’ve memorized every word. Thank you for sharing the wisdom, Myquillyn.

  5. Myquillyn,
    I love the article about saying “no”. I was just telling a friend the other day, that I had to practice saying no, when the Lord called me to homeschool my boys. That was 20 years ago! When you don’t have a “real job” (insulting as that is) people assume you have all the time in the world and nothing to spend it on.
    It took me a few years of floundering through invitations to do “good things” (mainly at church), to find my confidence in politely explaining that my priority was my home and family and I had to say no to all other things that would keep me from that.

    Now I might say yes to short term invitations, but long term commitments are still a “NO”.

    Thanks for posting all the links. Have a blessed Easter!

    • Debbie I can relate to that from when I homeschooled, and even more now that I work from home, it took years of frustration for me to take up for myself and tell people, that I work during the day so, no, I’m unable to do that.

  6. Always love your weekend links to inspire. I have recently begun to say no with much more confidence and clarity, allowing time and space in our household for absolutely nothing at all. Out of boredom creative ideas are born. So important for little ones, and us as well. Thank you! xx

  7. I really appreciated the link to your article on the dangers of wealth. I’ve recently encountered this argument from a law of attraction follower: it all comes from God. But, I don’t quite buy that. I don’t think God would want us to be greedy when others are in need

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