4 Uses for Drapes Other Than Windows

door-curtains-5the relaxed home

I believe most any room can benefit from adding drapes. They can visually extend a room–making it look taller or wider, depending on the lengths you use and the patterns. They can add color without a big commitment, and if you choose a pattern, it helps fill a room — again, without investing in a bold patterned sofa that you might hate in three years.

Here are some fun uses of drapes not on windows, because yes, we can hang our drapes where the sun don’t shine…

b346dad4c1b3a8ff6430f1f00780b66dOver an entry to an interior door way// random house


front door drapedunsourced //Held back at one side of the front door & puddled on the floor.

draped doorveranda // A pair of drapes at the front door gives much-needed privacy to your chickens.

drape the closetdecorpad // At the closet threshold–double win, drapes take up so much less room than doors opening up into the space!

bluedrapescameron macneil // in the kitchen at the french doors

7d7944cacf554c1b2080c31988d395e8pottery barn// in front of the window seat

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  1. Drapes for chickens! I gotta say, that might be a design first. I love it!

  2. Love the chickens, too….how fun! And the Pottery Barn window seat—how cozy would that be to climb in there, pull the drapes, and curl up with a good book? Maybe one of the books you suggested in last weekend’s links, Nester.

    • That window seat with the drapes is my favorite use of drapes EVER!! I immediately started eyeing the bay window in our kitchen to see if I could copy it!

  3. Patricia Ferguson says:

    I remember when I was a child, my aunt had drapes over doorways to “close” the doors that were not there. The idea of hanging drapes in places other than windows is a great idea.

  4. It’s funny because I’ve been tying back and taking down drapes all over our new house. We’re renting a house from family. It’s fully decorated but the house is small and dark and I just feel like all the drapes exacerbate that. I left the sheets on the front window for privacy and I left the drapes in front of the laundry room, but I don’t expect I’ll ever close them.

  5. The curtains in the third photo, the red and white ones – does anyone know where I can find those? They’re gorgeous!

  6. And I use them as table covers for special occasions!!

  7. I adore the drapes in front of the window seat! So pretty and it would make a super cozy reading nook!

  8. and literally, I just dropped three sets of drapes off at a consignment store. Love those by the doors. Never would have thought of that!

  9. They are great as you have suggested, as well as further insulation. Thanks for stirring the pot!

  10. This is awesome. Every house I’ve lived in has had those horrible folding doors, and the first thing I’ve always done is take them off and replace them with curtains. The other ideas are great too! I love them by a door.

  11. Layla’s video and now this? I want to put drapes everywhere!

  12. I could not find a shower curtain that I liked that was long enough to hide our old white standard tub. I brought a pair of curtains an clearance at JC Penny’s that look just great. I hung them in front of the tub with a very good liner to protect them and WOW they look great in the bathroom. No one can see the tub at all. (we have no window in the master bath) The bathroom looks very nice now.

  13. We have a pair of drapes separating the sitting room (actually used to be a formal dining room) from the main living area. We don’t have a guest room, but there is a sleeper sofa in there that we use when people stay over. The drapes give some privacy when the room is used as guest quarters.

    I love the window seat one, but holy cow, WHY are there chickens inside that one house?

  14. You write the best posts. I clicked over not because I was excessively interested in drapes, but because I really like the way you present topics. :) And in the end, I also got some drape inspiration. :D

  15. Loving the idea of drapes on an exterior door! Would never have thought of it, but it’s gorgeous in the photos…and would probably help with a drafty older house.

  16. My favorite of these is the one in front of the window seat. I can just picture my kids hiding back there with a book and making it their own reading nook! I hadn’t thought of these different ideas for drapes, so I really appreciate you sharing your creativity!

  17. I remember curtains near exterior doors in old houses in England and Ireland. It is cozy and practical. You made me feel better about the fact that our new house has very few closet doors and instead curtain rods there. Maybe I should have wanted it that way anyway! And the chickens thing really brightened my day, and your humor is one of the things I really enjoy in your blog. Thanks!!

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