Sleep Tight. We Are


Sometimes I think we are the only couple left in America who share a queen sized bed.

We’ve talked about if we should upgrade to a king size in the past few years. When I’m asleep I like my space. And whenever we find ourselves in a king size bed at a hotel we cannot believe how much space there is. GLORY!

So it was time for us to get a new mattress and we had to make The Big Decision. King or Queen.

What do you think we did?

We stayed with the Queen.

Long live the Queen and other cheers!

We were kind of worried that if we put a king sized bed in our little bedroom it would feel more like a trampoline park than an actual room with a floor. I admit, I was the one trying to convince Chad to upgrade but, when I thought about starting over with sheets and even the bed, it made me so tired that I wanted to take a nap– in our queen bed.

bed in a box

We are on our third mattress of our marriage. The first one we had for ten years–it was used when we got it and I think someone left it in the house we rented. We bought the second one ten years ago at Sam’s Club–just give us your least expensive new mattress please.

Back then there were no trial periods. You did your best to lay on a plastic-wrapped mattress in the store and act like you don’t see people giving you funny looks and imagine if you’d like sleeping on it. Then you bought it, tied it to the top of your car, drove home slowly and hoped it worked. Then you kept it for 10 years whether you loved it or not because TROUBLE.

mattress on a car

This is how it worked in the olden days.

These days, we are so spoiled. Because if a company is smart, they’ll let you try out a mattress and if it isn’t right for you, you can send it back. WHAT?!

We’ve been sort of on the lookout for a mattress for the past two years and I’ve actually been offered a few different mattresses (as a blogger this happens sometime) but it wasn’t until the Leesa Company came along that they caught my attention.




Y’all this mattress is gorgeous. No more weird faded bouquets of flowers–amiright? The lovely cover is made right here in North Carolina, the entire mattress is made in the USA.


And the truth is, none of us really know if we are going to like a mattress for real until we sleep on it for a while. We can pull every stunt and position in the store–but it’s not until you get it home that you really know–I actually feel the same way about jeans and bathing suits too.


So with our new mattress we get 100 nights (that’s over 3 months!) to try it out and make sure we like it, and if not, guess what–they’ll come pick it up. And there’s not slowly driving home with a mattress tied to the top of the car–this one comes in a little box, delivered to your doorstep.

I could tell you that this mattress is really beautiful, has the perfect amount of give, softness and bounce, and is comfy for a back and stomach sleeper, but the truth is, unless you sleep on a mattress, you’ll never know if it’s right for you. And now that’s exactly what you can do.

Why you might want to try Leesa:

  • Leesa is like the TOMS Shoes for mattresses. For every 10 mattresses they sell, they will donate one to a shelter!

  • You order completely online with free shipping to your doorstep, compressed in a box the size of a mini-fridge.


Sleep tight friends, and tell me, are you kings or queens?

This post sponsored by Leesa

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  1. When you start having hot flashes, you’ll need a king!!! Otherwise your hubby could get hurt when you start hurling the covers off your steaming carcass! This is when lots of couples go from cozy queen beds to SEPARATE beds. :-D You don’t have to think about that yet, but the next time you get a bed, get a king.

  2. Laurie crumpton says:

    We too have a queen size mattress. I thought we were the only ones. We have been married for 27 years. We had a king bed at our beach house and hated it. Too much space. We will never trade our queen for a king.

  3. What a beautiful bedroom!! We share a Queen – plus our gigantic Goldendoodle likes to jump in and cuddle sometimes :) lol

  4. Nester, will you post @ the end of your 100 nights if you like it? We need a new bed for my daughter and I am overwhelmed by the choices. We have had traditional coil, sleep number (hated it) and now have had a
    Tempur-pedic (love it) for 5 years but really don’t want to spend that much again. She needs a good mattress with support.

  5. We spent our first 25 years of marriage with a double bed! Now that the youngest is a pre-teen we upgraded to a Queen size.

  6. I would love to hear if you like it!

  7. I thought we were the only grownups in the world without a king size mattress! Our bedroom just isn’t big enough if we want to be able to walk on the sides of the bed instead of crawling in at the bottom — not grownup. We just bought a mattress last year but I am going to look into Leesa as we are not happy.

  8. I think we are the only couple in the country who still share a double, yes I said double, bed. It belonged to my husband’s grandparents, and it is one of the loveliest beds you’ve ever seen. .

  9. We are have a queen bed too. Thought about getting larger but I keep resisting because queen seems good enough for us. I think I wouldn’t even care if there wasn’t something else to “upgrade” to, ya know?
    Your new mattress is beautiful. Crazy what they can do now.

  10. I used to have a queen-sized bed 4 years ago. Then I changed to king-sized bed and I wished I would have done it much earlier. I already sent back and my cost was refunded also for the first time of buying mattress for my new king bed. Now I have more experience for buying this stuff and mine is working well for more than 3 and a half years. However, I will take Leesa as your suggestion into consideration for next purchase.

  11. Just wondering if you still like it?

  12. I love it, queen size my favorite mattress

  13. We are stil with our first lovely mattres! And it is good when you have been sleeping better on your third one.

  14. I used to have a queen-sized bed 1 years ago, It is my favorite mattress

  15. I have a quite big bedroom and intend to put a king sized bed there. Do you think it will suit? If not, do you have any advice to me? I had 3 mistakes in buying a mattress so I don’t want to get any ones. Please help me!

  16. Wow, the bedroom is very lovely. This bed is a perfect choice for my new room.

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  19. Leesa is one of the best mattress under $1,000 I think. Compared to the traditional innerspring mattress, it’s more comfortable, and I felt better on my back after wake up next day.

  20. Myquillyn, do you still love the LEESA? We are in the market and there are so many beds in boxes now!! Love an honest heart answer. I tend to like a firm mattress and hubs a cloud of cotton –

  21. great post Giselle,I found that when I worked too later then went to bed, it’s easily to wake up several times during sleeping, at first I thought it was related to mattress but at last I found that it’s related to my bad behavior. Another one is about watching paced movie, this would make me incredibly hyper

  22. Haha I like the photo of mattress in the olden days:) I have purchased a couple of mattresses this month. Mattress in a box these days are so smart, isn’t it? :)

  23. Looking for a new mattress and headboard. I like how this one is designed, very modern and useful.

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  25. Stunning, the room is beautiful. This bed is an ideal decision for my new room.

  26. i’m also using the queen size beds before an year, it was nice and currently using a upholstered beds which is comfortable for me to sleep.

  27. I’m curious to know what your thoughts on it so far, do you still like it?
    I found one for my sleeper sofa (here fyi.. ). It’s not a full mattress, only about 4″ thick.
    Hopefully I get enjoyment out of it lol

  28. Leesa is one of the best mattress under $1,000 I think. Compared to the traditional innerspring mattress, it’s more comfortable, and I felt better on my back after wake up next day.

    Thank for your post.

  29. Wow, the bedroom is very lovely. This bed is a perfect choice for my new room.

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