My mom was going to make chili for our family at our house the other night. Turned out she had to be somewhere that evening, but instead of postponing, she brought all the ingredients to my house and I made the chili. It was the most delightful dinner I ever had the pleasure of cooking.


Because I didn’t have to plan the menu, write the grocery list, go to the store, consider the options, load the groceries, unload the groceries, put the groceries away, remember what I planned to make and then, finally, actually make the meal while trying to remember the recipe I’m too lazy to look up–all while I wipe my glowing, furrowed brow.

Basically, I didn’t have to think.

I got to do what I consider to be the fun part of cooking–actually cooking!

civil wars & wine

So when Blue Apron contacted me about trying out their service and then, if I liked it, telling you. I was on board. Because Blue Apron is like your mom dropping off all the ingredients at your door–pre-measured–you place your order online and then it gets delivered to your door, in a box that will keep your food all cold and fresh. You get to do the fun part and then take all the credit. Insert happy tears of joy here. The mother who came up with this concept is brilliant.


Sometimes I just need someone to boss me. Someone to say, “This is what you are making for dinner, here are the ingredients, pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on the Civil Wars and start chopping, honey.”

I LOVE cooking dinner. I just am really bad at the planning part. And the grocery shopping part. And the measuring part. But I SO enjoy having cooked, and I love trying new things. For me, cooking a delicious meal is one of the most rewarding parts of my day.

ready to go

salmon burgers

That’s what Blue Apron is, it’s a push in a fun direction, a reminder of something new to make and a way to be creative that benefits your whole family.

guardian of the salmonguardian of the salmon

Each meal is like a mini cooking class–for introverts. Each delivery is worth far more than the meal itself, they are a hands on lesson –a new recipe complete with a spill proof recipe guide–it’s front and back with color photos. Have I cooked salmon before? YES. But I never knew what to do with the leftovers besides just heating them over–now I know how to make salmon-burgers and my kids went insane for them.

I just learned a new, rewarding skill–in the privacy of my own home, and when I was done my family got to eat it.

Everybody wins.

salmon burgerssalmon burgers with hoisin mayo & asian pear cabbage slaw (y’all it was great & here’s the recipe)

pork tenderloin

I’ve said before that when I have meals planned, my week goes so much more smoothly. You can judge the state of chaotic-ness in our family by one thing alone: meals. Well, you can also tell by the state of my purse, but that’s another post.

And yes, I like to eat out, but more often I like to stay home. I want to cook, it’s just SO MUCH WORK what with the planning and the getting in the car and now it is 4:55 and everyone is starving and I have been working all day and what in the world should I make?

With Blue Apron, I get to try lots of new dishes and ingredients without purchasing three bottles of different ingredients just for the sauce that cost $7 each just so we can try a new recipe that we might not ever want again.

saladarugula, walnut & goat cheese salad with granny smith apples? every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner please

dinner!smashed potatoes with roast pork and that salad :: recipe here

Y’all, I learned a brand new way to cook potatoes! Boil, smash open, then roast–it was so easy, how did I not know this?! And now I have a new favorite salad, really, ordering a meal is worth more than the meal itself.


And of course we have a special offer for Nesting Place readers:

2 meals

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More about Blue Apron:

  • ingredients are incredibly fresh and sources from quality local suppliers and artisans
  • there’s no commitment –skip or cancel at any time
  • lots of recipes (I’m all about the lamb gyros & chinese five spice shrimp)
  • all meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less
  • always free shipping