Give Your Man The Gift of Time

the barnthe pavilion & the barn

When we bought this little neglected twelve acre farm & sawmill last year, we were either crazy or crazy. We neither farm nor saw logs.

But we believe in the importance of creating something that grows people– much like a farm, and we believe in the value of strong foundations and that what you do starts at home–much like what a sawmill provides–good foundations and literal building blocks for strong homes. Am I good at metaphors or what?!


The sad tractor barn on the property had a greater purpose than housing tractors–it now can hold people.

Some of you have already come here to The Barn, hopefully some of you will come in the future, but right now, it’s the guy’s turn.

It’s ManTime y’all.

A weekend for the kind of man who might not attend a Men’s Retreat.

A weekend that you think about when you see all those fun women’s blogging conference and you wish there was something for your husband to attend.

A weekend here on our property, where the guys eat meat, sit around a huge bonfire, hang out with purpose and spend time outdoors. No fancy conference rooms, no dumb games, no four men in a hotel room pretending that no one is snoring.


overview of property

heroic path

Y’all, won’t believe who is going to be at ManTime: John Sowers— author of The Heroic Path: In Search of the Masculine Heart (from our favorite things!!!). He’s the President of the Mentoring Project, accomplished hunter of large animals & our friend! John will be attending and leading the discussions at ManTime. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I SO want to dress up as a man and attend this weekend! This weekend will be fun and relaxing, and delicious but also intentional and life-giving. Just what your man deserves. Maybe exactly what he needs.

john sowersvia John Sowers instagram

Music will be provided by the talented Jacob Early–don’t be surprised if banjos are involved, meats provided by Philip from Wicker BBQ, Local Brews will be available, cigars and pipes will be smoked, guns might be shot, great conversation will be offered from the master conversationalist–my husband Chad, the co-host for ManTime– Brian Dixon, my sister’s husband’s John and of course our dad Gary.


All personality types welcome. Permission granted for everyone to be themselves.

Spaces are limited–they are keeping the group small to have better conversation, it’s barely even announced it and it’s almost 1/4 full — men are already buying tickets and some are flying in from around the US! Oh my gosh we are hosting ManTime!


ManTime is Thursday April 9th- Saturday April 11th at our property 40 minutes outside Charlotte, NC. Transportation to and from the airport provided: see the ManTime website for more info.

And, since I have connections, Use code NESTER and save $30.


Find out so much more at the ManTime website.

wood stove






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  1. What a fantastic idea! Seriously, I think my husband needs some man time.

  2. Esther @denofsix says:

    Do you know that you can spray paint the piece of steel behind the wood stove? With high heat paint meant for bbquers.

  3. I told my husband and he would so be there if it wasn’t for the distance and me expecting a baby! I think it is an absolutely wonderful idea, and I hope and pray for the best success with this ministry!

  4. If JJ comes he’s going to want to quit his job and buy a farm.

  5. This is wonderful!! Just signed my husband up. He turns 40 on April 16th and I’ve been trying so hard to come up with some awesome idea for a gift. We have 8 kids and he works so hard and doesn’t have any time to himself. This is perfect!!! I asked if he can take the 10th off of work and he said yes! (we live in Mooresville). I think it will be just what he needs. Thank you so much for offering this!

  6. This sounds amazing! Will you do a video for those who can’t attend? And where did that treehouse come from??

  7. what a very cool post! i love what you did with that shed and even more importantly, how you are helping your husband in his role as a spouse! very, very cool!

  8. Such a great wife you are. Enjoy reading your post!

  9. Love seeing how your dreams are becoming a reality! God is using your family and it’s exciting to watch!

  10. So, here’s a tip for you…If you’re still looking to sit in on the Mens Retreat… Along with your manly clothes, a really great beard can be made out of used coffee grinds and vaseline. You just smear a thin layer on your lower face, then gently push some grinds onto it. I’m telling you, they’ll have no idea you’re a lady under there!! ;)

  11. Great! All of this makes me very happy. And we should definitely have a session for “men” with fake beards! Looking forward to it!

  12. This sounds so so cool. I totally wish I could send my man, but we’ll probably have about a 2 day new baby so….maybe next year?

  13. Such a great space! I love the pops of blue in the family room. Thanks for sharing!

    The Office Stylist

  14. I’d like to consider coming, but I’m wondering about the logistics of taking a tent with me on a flight to Charlotte. Might be tricky…looking at options.

    • it shouldn’t be a problem, a single or double tent should be small enough to fit in a backpack. It seems like some airports prefer you to check it as opposed to carry on–let us know if it’s keeping you from coming and we’ll arrange something for you!

      • I’m in. I’ll get it sorted out. Registration complete and plane ticket ordered. Really looking forward to this (and thanks for the discount!).

  15. I love the tractor barn, what a wonderful space! Love the property.

  16. Cool idea! Silly question, where are all these men going to sleep? Or is it a camp-out situation? I don’t know why I am so curious about this, but I am : )

  17. Wow what a fantastic idea…..such a shame logistically it’s too far for my husband…but has set the cogs it hope it all goes well :)

  18. I think women should have women time at these same locations, just saying!!! (insert heart-eyed emojis here)

  19. My husband has some questions about the ManTime event but we can’t find a place to leave a question on the site. Can you help me with an email address or phone number? My husband and two buddies want to meet up for ManTime.


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