Some years December comes in right in the middle of our mess.

And the thought of thoroughly decking the halls is more of a burden than a blessing….


Sometimes it’s overwhelming to pull it all out knowing you just have to pack it all up again in three weeks.

Those are times we get to choose to listen or ignore that small voice questioning why.

simple christmas decor


If decorating my house for Christmas is a burden, then I stop. I have to. It’s the most ridiculous thing in the world to overdecorate when what I really need is to undo myself and rest in the One who we are celebrating.



This year, there are no layers of Christmas decor that need to be carefully attended to and precisely packed away.

This year the surfaces have some space for life to happen in the midst of the season.


If you are going through the motions this year and it feels unbearable, I beg you, STOP. Make a change. Under-Decorate. Settle down. Rest.

Isn’t that the best atmosphere we can create for our families?

This year I don’t want a Christmas that needs to be packed away in twenty red and green plastic containers and feels like work and lists and hurry.

Maybe de-emphasizing the decor will re-emphasize true Christmas.



when? never?



Use what you have.

Make life easy on yourself.

Choose to get the most out of what decorations you invite into your home. They are there to serve your family and help usher in the season.

Let’s create cozy spaces that lead to rest, conversation and connection.


Create beautiful, meaningful, imperfect spaces this season that allow you to celebrate the truth–and that might mean you put up more lights than ever before, or that might mean, like me, for the first year ever you put up a pretend Christmas tree that your family didn’t go pick out together, and you have tears of relief at the fact that it took about 180 seconds to go from box to set-up and lit-up and looking fabulous in the family room. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me how easy this could be?


I didn’t realize what a gift a non-living tree would be for me this year. I wrapped living trees and plants in drop cloths and we can use them all year around. I added a strand of C9 lights to the pre-lit flocked tree for a little extra sparkle and we have a simple Moravian star at the top. This was too easy!

ocean depth of happy rest