When You Need An Excuse to Gather Your People

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One of the things I’m looking most forward to this summer is hosting a baby shower along with a few dear friends for a friend of ours who moved away and is now expecting her first baby. There is just something about having this group of women in my home all together–the world will stop for those few hours and we’ll laugh, have 1000 word conversations within 2 seconds of eye contact and feel like we’ve never been apart. I’m so glad we have this baby coming so we can celebrate, the very best excuse to gather together.

And I make a mental note to myself to do this every year, baby or not, because these states away & hosting friends are my lifeline. Why have I waited for an excuse to get together?


I know exactly why.

Because Later always seems like a better idea. 

Sometimes Later lies to us.

If there’s no purpose or baby gearing up to be all born then why not wait until I’m less busy, until that project is done, until life slows down?

If you need an excuse to get together with your friends, because sometimes it’s easier when there’s a purpose, you are invited to host a Mary & Martha gathering. I’m partnering with Mary & Martha to introduce you to their line of really pretty home items and it’s all available through home gatherings–a fun reason to have your friends over for a no pressure look at meaningful beauty for their home.


DSC_5870lanterns hold candles or flowers or candy or collections

Be introduced to items for your home that are both meaningful and beautiful, and earn these items for your home.

They run fun specials every month, for example June Hostesses get the giant Ampersand tray at a big discount, and they continue to run specials like this every month.

specialI really love the huge Ampersand tray and when I saw it I knew I wanted to put it somewhere where we could enjoy it all the time. So I hung it on the wall and finally have my ‘something round’ on the gallery wall. Do you know that every gallery wall can benefit from something round? And do you also know that it’s taken me ten months just to get this awkward corner wall to this almost finished state?


Find out more about Mary & Martha, host a gathering and swoon over all the pretty.

And, you have a chance to win some pretties for your home too…

Mary & Martha

Leave a comment and tell us the last time you had friends over, was it for a special occasion? Or just because they’re special? Winners will be announced Saturday June 21st.

Check out Mary & Martha and host your own gathering this summer. I know you won’t regret hanging out with your friends.

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  1. We had friends come over for pizza Sunday night. It was totally unplanned and I had a basket of laundry in the middle of my living room when they got there, we ran out of milk for their little one, and the basement was a complete mess. It was a great time!

  2. I haven’t hosted anything in almost two years!! I’m having a girls night in two weeks that I am excited for!

  3. Lindsey F says:

    I have friends over all of the time. We are young, active women who would prefer to sit around a backyard fire or a kitchen island and sip wine versus head out on the town. Any given weekend night you will find a house FULL of special people: family, friends & neighbors.

  4. Suzanne says:

    It’s been awhile so we need to do it again. We could use a good laugh and conversation with dear friends!

  5. We had friends over last night! My husband is a pastor and we love using our home to foster community and have fun.

  6. Had company here last night and tonight, my daughter is in town for surgery. And my good friend here for tests.

  7. We had family and friends over for my son’s 9th birthday a few weeks ago. It was a menu full of sliders and snacks – perfect for a little guy!

  8. Debbie w says:

    Just hosted a gathering of my retired teacher frienDS LAST WEEK. Would love to be the winner of this giveaway! Lots of pretty things!

  9. We had our small group over for bonfire and fishing. Rained buckets but sweet fellowship in spite of the weather.

  10. We have our sr high over weekly for small group. I love it. We sit around our kitchen table and eat more chips and salsa than humanly possible. I used to clean everytime I had people over. I quickly learned that doing that was more of a front than hospitality. I was trying to seem “put together” before people came in my home. Silly girl! Not worth it. If you aren’t being your true self, how can you expect a small group to be transparent with each other!?

  11. The last get together I had was with family!

  12. We friends over for a grill out not that long ago, but our big one this year will be for a couple shower. I love having people over though! I agree we should do it more often even if we have a project or two to finish…

  13. Jaime M says:

    I had my college ladies over for a night of smores, chatting, and charades!

  14. Jill Willis says:

    Last time we had friends over it was my daughter’s birthday, and yes, I usually seem to wait until there is an occasion. Why do we wait?

  15. We’ve had our neighbors over recently. It was a last minute “come for dinner!”. It was so fun to not feel pressure to have everything perfect (it couldn’t be). Food, Drinks and Friends. All you need.

  16. Since reading your book, I never apologize for my house…no matter how messy I may feel it is :) It’s so freeing! Thanks! I had my momma over a few days ago…because she’s pretty special!

  17. Alexis watkins says:

    I got to have my family over to my apartment for Easter, the first time since I’ve moved out/gotten married. I loved decorating and cooking for them in my own home and kitchen!

  18. Beautiful Giveaway.
    I had my last large gathering of family and friends over a weekend ago. The wonderful perk is I live with my closest friends, and who doesn’t live with us, live in close proximity to come over whenever they want. We gather often to fellowship, watch TV, or to make food and play some card games. Many of our friends and family have a house key. Even our neighbor has a house key! We like our home to be a safe haven for others.

  19. Julie L says:

    I had a group of friends over for a thirty-one gifts party a few weeks ago. We had a blast shopping and eating together.

  20. We had our life group over in May, but we spent the majority of the time out in the back yard!

  21. We had new friends over last week -just to get to know them!

  22. Mallory says:

    I had friends and family over for Father’s Day! Lots of memories made. :)

  23. Just had friends over last weekend for our final small group meeting of the year. We are taking a summer break until the fall, but that’s a long time from now! We love our small group and would love to have all of them over again. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  24. It’s been to long since I’ve had people over. Get togethers usually happen around birthdays.

  25. I actually had friends over yesterday — just because! It was great! But I don’t do that very often.

  26. The last time I had folks over to my home was for an Easter Brunch this year. I love hosting get togethers. I am always looking for a reason to have people over to my house.

  27. We always have people over! Never need a special reason though always love having them. :) We try to live with a “door always open” policy and Acts 1:6 in mind. :) every meal together with others for the glory of God. :) that being said, we had family over on Sunday. :) looooove these 3 pieces by the way. Looooove :)

  28. I had my entire family (12 people) over for Father’s Day last weekend. It was fun! But I am like you. I get so stressed out. I worry so much about people having fun that I forget to enjoy myself! I’m working on that.

  29. Okay I almost always agree with you…..but, in this case, I have to say. I love the reflection of glass on prints! I know with just one print with glass it is a little distracting but in a grouping, I love the way the light dances and reflects in the room. Kind of like a natural disco ball on the wall.

  30. I LOVE these products. It’s a new company to me, so I will have to explore their products.

  31. We had a taco night a few weeks ago. It was a great time to bring our family together(having a sis in law thats a best friend makes it feel like you are always with friends not just family)

  32. Raelene says:

    I haven’t had anyone over in a long time! Maybe I just need to consider this a nudge!

  33. Nancy Wiebel says:

    We had friends over “just cuz they are special”. We moved away from most of our friends and family 4 years ago; sometimes they will come to visit us.


  34. Leslie Burke says:

    We had all the moms and kids from my church’s moms group over for a backyard Kool-Aid and Canvas party to celebrate the beginning of summer.

  35. I love everything in this giveaway. With four kids in a tiny house, I am always embarrassed to have friends over. But I think I am going to plan a ladies night at my house and invite friends over.

  36. An out-of-town friend came for a visit recently. Most recently, the family was here for Father’s Day.

  37. Sarah Griffiths says:

    My husband is a pastor and we have people over all. thu. time. We have small group and leaders meetings and council and counseling… But we also try to have people over most Fridays. Just to hang out. To be friends. Because we need that just as much as anyone else.

  38. Whenever we feel ‘competitive’, we invite our friends over and pull out our collection of games. Win or lose, we have a great time!

  39. About a month ago, we hosted a good friend who was living apart from family and college friends for an internship. He came in time for dinner on a Friday night, and we sat around our table in patio chairs and an office chair on wheels, since my husband and I have yet to purchase a dining set in all of our one year of marriage. He loved the company and was encouraged by the conversation; thus, I caught the entertaining bug and LOVE having people over. Even if we do sit in patio chairs :)

  40. I hosted a Norwex party a couple weeks ago for all my family and friends. It was a great way to catch up w old friends.

  41. I havent hosted friends in a long time but my sister will be here in 3 weeks from Japan. I cant wait to sit around my table and just talk face to face rather than theough Skype!!

  42. Last November, I hosted a great gathering of girls for a baby shower, for my wonderful friend, she’s like a sister to me.

  43. We had people over right after memorial day to help get rid of all the food! We love to have friends over a lot but everyone has been busy lately.

  44. Heather Brewer says:

    We had my in-laws over a few weeks ago when they came to help us move. Talk about a mess, haha :) But with them it doesn’t even matter because we just enjoy each other’s company!

  45. Two weeks ago, we hosted my husband’s best friend and his four daughters. He is raising them alone just now, and it’s a hard, sad season. We love them so much and were blessed to have them here.

  46. They are still here!:) Maybe it is the peas and cornbread. My drive way is bumpy. The dogs dig deep holes and spiders decorate for Halloween year round. It is hot and humid, but we still manage to enjoy each other.

  47. I had my friends over for a book we are reading together and some prayer time! Would love to win!!

  48. We hosted friends and family on Memorial Day, and we have plans for a lot of poolside gatherings this summer!

  49. I don’t think I’ve had company over since Easter – I need to change that pronto!

  50. The last time was a planned event, but my favorite get togethers are always last minute. I don’t feel as much pressure that way!

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