Weekend Links

Who is Mavis?

Chalkboard Brick Fireplace Makeover

On Failing

My dad is starting a new series Monday and his two e-books are free thru tomorrow. I was going to write more about how much you will want all of this and why but then I realized my baby sister already wrote more and better things about it than I could ever dream of in her post: Alcoholics and the People Who Love Them.


Here’s Why You’re Not Productive

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 8.51.04 AM

Folding laundry or driving or cleaning during spring break and wishing you had something ridiculous to listen to? Not to worry Tsh and I made a podcast.


And, tomorrow.

When You are Struggling Through Holy Week

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  1. I always appreciate the links you share – thank you!!

  2. I just LOVE that chalkboard brick fireplace – what a fun, unique idea! I really like the 4 red mirrors – really accents the black and white! Thanks for sharing!

  3. In response to “Here’s Why You’re Not Productive”: Those ideas right there are precisely why I have never and never will be a Twit and one of the many many reasons I got off Facebook and why I am right now going to delete Spider Solitaire off my computer. Getting off Facebook was the second greatest thing I’ve done for myself and my family this last year. I easily gave myself several hours a day by doing that. With those extra hours I redecorated 5 bedrooms, my family room, the house stays clean and I get to visit with friends at least once a week for coffee or lunch!!!

  4. I’m a huge fan of Mavis’ and love that you featured her awesomesauce blog!

    Happy Easter,

  5. Wow, “Here is why you’re not productive” was really interesting!

  6. Thank you for sharing Lisa’s link on failing. I feel like that often. In fact, just the other night I was so overwhelmed with it that it moved me to the point of weeping. But within that weeping, I was astounded by grace. I wrote about it here:


    Here’s to grace that abounds to us!

  7. My eyes popped out of my head! Thanks so much for including my fireplace makeover – better than an Easter basket full of chocolate -kinda ;)

  8. I’m wondering if the winners for the PaintStick giveaway have been chosen??

  9. I love the chalkboard fireplace! It’s so fun yet elegant at the same time.

  10. Taking a moment to steady myself… Your Dad’s book.
    My biological father died at the age of 43 of liver damage due to alcohol abuse.
    Your father is a brave man and his daughters are amazing.

  11. Suzanne says:

    I am in complete amazement over Mavis’ blog! Wow! $100 a month for food is insane! Very inspiring :)

  12. Great links! Thanks. Julia

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